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College and Drake Intersection Improvements#


A map of the project area.

Project Map

The intersection of College Avenue and Drake Road is a major intersection in Fort Collins. In addition to carrying a high volume of vehicular traffic, this intersection sees pedestrian and bicycle use and is near other transportation networks, including MAX and a MAX commuter lot and the Mason Trail.

Project Goals#

This project seeks to improve safety and efficiency of the intersection. Highlights include:

  • Dual left turn lanes from all four directions
  • Increase capacity for waiting vehicles
  • Improve safety of right turn movements
  • Improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and bicycles.

In addition, flooding concerns at the intersection will be addressed and this project will reduce conflicts for turning vehicles.

A rendering of the project.

This is a rendering of the proposed improvements. It is not a final design. To view a larger version of this image as a PDF, click the image or use this link.


This project is still in the design stage. Construction is not expected until 2026.


Jin Wang | Project Manager |