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Applications and Submittal Requirements


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All applications and associated plans (including Revision Resubmittals) must now include digital copies on a disk or other storage Device.

Annexation & Zoning Submittal Checklist
Annexation & Zoning Submittal Requirements
Annexation Petition

To make appeals to City Council, please contact the City Clerk at 970-221-6515 or visit

Development Review Application
Development Construction Permit Application
Transportation Development Review Application
Floodplain Forms

Application Fee Schedules
For building application fee schedules, visit
Development Review Fee Schedule
Transportation Development Review (TDR) Fee Schedule

City Plan Amendments
For information on amending City Plan, please contact City Planning at 970-221-6376 or visit

Conceptual Review
Conceptual Review Application
2012 Conceptual Review Schedule (includes submittal deadline dates)

Final Plans (Final Compliance)
Final Plans Submittal Checklist
Final Plans Submittal Requirements
Certification of Mineral Estate Owner Notification (signed form required at time of Final Plan submittal)

Site and Landscape Plan
Approved Plant List - 2011
Bicycle Parking Design Guidelines
Parkway Landscaping Design
Trash and Recycling Enclosures Design Considerations
Overall Development Plan (ODP)
ODP Submittal Checklist
ODP Requirements

Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Application

Project Deveopment Plan (PDP)
PDP Submittal Checklist
PDP Submittal Requirements

Rezoning and/or Land Use Code Amendment
Rezoning Requirements
Rezoning Petition

Subdivision Plat
Subdivision Plat PDP Submittal Checklist
Subdivision Plat PDP Requirements
Final Subdivision Plat PDP Submittal Checklist
Final Subdivision Plat PDP Requirements

Utility Plans
Requirements for Utility Plan Checklist (Appendix E-4)
Parking Impact Studies
Guidelines for Parking Impact Studies

Wireless Telecommunication Facility and Equipment (WTF / WTE)
New WTF Submittal Checklist
Co-located WTE Submittal Checklist

Zoning Reviews
Minor Amendment Application
Zoning Variance Request Guidelines
Basic Development Review Submittal Checklist
Basic Development Review Requirements
Parkway Landscape Amendments
Application Request for Variance from the Land Use Code

Development Review Engineering Templates
Development Construction Permit (DCP) Application
Development Bond Template
Development Letter of Credit