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Downtown Plan

The new Downtown Plan will replace the successful 1989 Downtown Plan with a plan for the next 10-20 years. The ‘89 plan has guided budgets, projects, investments, regulations, and other actions for 25 years. Its mission has been achieved and its recommendations largely fulfilled. The new plan is scheduled and needed to continue the successes of Downtown.  

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Old Town Neighborhoods Plan

The purpose of updating the original East Side and West Side Neighborhood Plans is to revisit the visions, policy directives, and implementation actions in the existing documents and revise these elements based on emerging issues and trends. As part of this update, the current plans for both the east side and west side areas are proposed to be combined into a single consolidated plan and planning effort, referred to as the “Old Town Neighborhoods Plan (OTNP).

A second component of this planning effort is to develop new design guidelines for new construction and remodel projects. Visit for more information.

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West Central Area Plan

The West Central Area Plan was adopted by City Council in March 2015. Staff is now implementing the plan’s recommendations. The plan provides a basis for land use regulations, neighborhood services and programs, transportation projects, and open space protection for the neighborhoods south and west of the Colorado State University main campus. The plan also includes new designs for Prospect Road and Lake Street, from Shields Street to College Avenue. Learn more at

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Lincoln Corridor Plan Implementation Update

The Lincoln Corridor Plan was adopted by City Council May 2014. Since that time, Staff has continued to coordinate ongoing implementation, including pursuing funding for the Lincoln Avenue improvements and related neighborhood projects. Learn more at

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Plan Fort Collins: Innovate, Sustain, Connect

Fast forward 30 years. What's it like to live in Fort Collins? In 2010, the City led a major visioning effort to define our community's future. Plan Fort Collins was a community-wide effort to create a new City Plan and Transportation Master Plan. Check out the adopted plans at

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Download or Buy Plans

Simply, the way to get our documents is to either download a copy, or buy hardcopies or cds from our FedEx Office DocStore. Visit Document Download.

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