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Parking Services

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 Parking Services Updates

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Parking Services uses a variety of tools and methods to enforce traffic and parking codes in Fort Collins.

Camera License Plate Scans

A specialized vehicle utilizes license plate recognition technology through vehicle-mounted cameras and computer systems. This system leverages optical character recognition software and GPS for location stamping. The vehicle can read license plates at 5-10 miles per hour. The routes monitored with this technology are low traffic areas to ensure operator and traffic safety. This system allows for quick identification of violators or stolen vehicles and >provides increased coverage for parking regulations, thus creating more public compliance with parking rules and regulations.

Handheld Computers

Parking Enforcement Officers use handheld computers to write citations when violations are observed. This technology provides a visible presence in the community while utilizing cutting-edge technology. In the future this could be a tool to help collect parking turnover and occupancy data in Fort Collins.

Wheel Locks Or "The Boot"

Wheel Locks Or "The Boot"

Wheel locks or "boots" are commonly used to immobilize vehicles whose owners failed to respond to a notice regarding illegal parking. Pursuant to Section 1801(4) of the Fort Collins Traffic Code, the City has the right to immobilize these vehicles. If a vehicle is booted, release can be obtained at Parking Services from 8:00AM to 5:00PM daily except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Total payment for the amount(s) cited must be made by cash or certified funds. Once payment is received and processed, the boot is removed from the the immobilized vehicle within an hour.

The City of Fort Collins assumes no liability for the loss or damage to booted vehicles or contents while so immobilized. The device is the property of the City of Fort Collins and any damage or tampering shall make the registered vehicle owner liable for the destruction of City property. Removing the device or moving the vehicle by any means or in any manner before an official release is obtained constitutes a separate and additional misdemeanor offense, pursuant to sections 1801(5) of the Fort Collins Traffic Code.