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Historic Preservation

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Dept Head: Karen McWilliams

Why Demolition Review?

Demolition review and notification provides an opportunity to ensure important historic, architectural, and cultural resources are not lost without consideration, pursuant to Section 14-6 of Municipal Code. This process provides for documentation of a property over fifty years of age proposed for demolition, and an opportunity for community members to receive notice about that demolition and take action to protect the property through designation, as provided by City Code. 

Demolition permits for primary buildings on properties over fifty years of age require the following steps:

  1. Contact Historic Preservation Services to initiate the production of a Colorado Cultural Resource Survey Form. The fee for this process is $750 to cover the cost of completing the form.
  2. Results are provided to the owner upon completion. If the property is found to be eligible for City Landmark status, the owner has the option to work with City staff on an alternative to demolition, or to move forward with the demolition request. If the property is found not to be eligible for City Landmark status, there are no further historic review requirements in order to receive a demolition permit, except those otherwise required by the City's Land Use and Municipal Codes, such as for properties in the Laurel School Historic District.
  3. If the owner decides to move forward with demolition of a Landmark-eligible property, they must provide preliminary plans for new construction on that property. Note: During the subsequent notification review period, no abatement can occur on the property.
  4. Upon receipt of preliminary plans, a three-week notification period begins during which the property is posted and the public is provided notification along with a link to the survey results. During that period, if three or more residents of the city believe that one of the properties proposed for demolition is historically or architecturally important, they may choose to submit an application for landmark designation to PGFjbGFzcz0=">cHJlc2VydmF0aW9uQGZjZ292LmNvbQ== based on the procedure outlined in Section 14-31 of the Fort Collins Municipal Code
  5. The proposed demolition is included in an upcoming Landmark Preservation Commission agenda for potential public or Commission comment and consideration for Landmark designation, however, any action on the application for demolition must occur within the three-week notification period. 
  6. Within six months of submitting plans under step 3, owners must submit a permit application for the job site consistent with the initial plans provided (subject to appropriate Planning, Zoning, and Building Code review). If a permit application is not received within the six-month period, a new three-week notification period shall be required. 
  7. Assuming no non-consensual historic designation has been received by the City and the building permit application is in order, any holds on the demolition permit by Historic Preservation Services are cleared. 

Note: Demolition permits for secondary structures on properties over fifty years of age are not subject to this demolition review process, but may still need to comply with the design review provisions of Chapter 14, Article IV of Municipal Code. 

Website Posting Date Closing Date for Public Nominations Address Date of Construction Proposed Demolition
5/15/2019 closed 424 E Stuart 1954 Residence
5/15/2019 closed 620 E Elizabeth 1905 Garage
6/3/2019 closed 321 S Sherwood 1900 Garage
10/31/2019 closed  327 N Loomis Ave 1898 Residence
11/18/2019 closed 103-105 W. Prospect Road 1969 Commercial building (former grocer & Chuck E. Cheese)
12/3/2019 closed 727 Stover Street 1910 Residence
1/22/2020 closed 308 S. Washington Ave. 1956 Residence
6/25/2020 closed 330 E. Myrtle St. 1920 Residence (LPC Review)
7/2/2020 closed 1516 W. Oak St. 1923 Residence