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Why Single-Family Demolition Notification?#

Note: This notification process applies to proposed demolitions of properties over fifty years of age that are not designated City Landmarks or in City Landmark Districts to be replaced by a new single-family dwelling. Notification regarding the demolition of properties at least fifty years old that are related to construction of non-single-family projects (i.e., duplex, mixed use, etc.) is covered by the standard development review notification process. Partial demolitions for alteration projects* do not have a notification requirement under this procedure.

Demolition notification provides an opportunity to ensure important historic, architectural, and cultural resources are not lost without consideration, pursuant to Section 14-6 and Chapter 14, Article III of Municipal Code. This process provides for consideration of a property at least fifty years old proposed for complete or substantial demolition to be replaced by a new single-family construction, and an opportunity for community members to receive notice about that demolition and take action to protect the property through designation, as provided by City Code. 

In order for a Demolition Permit to be issued for the complete or substantial demolition of a property at least fifty years old for a new single-family dwelling, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Contact Historic Preservation Services and provide preliminary plans or written confirmation for the new single-family dwelling. Note: During the subsequent notification period, no abatement can occur on the property.
  2. The next step is staff will include the property on the next available Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) agenda for formal notification to the HPC. During this period:
    • The property is posted with a sign and the public is notified along with a link to any historic information about the property, if available.
    • Three or more residents of the city by petition and submission of a complete application, the HPC by motion, or City Councilmembers in writing may choose to initiate the Landmark designation process by submitting the necessary information based on the procedure outlined in Section 14-31 of the Fort Collins Municipal Code to Historic Preservation Services (
    • At the HPC meeting, the item appears on the consent agenda along with a staff-prepared summary of any easily-accessible historical information about the property, or historic survey results if available. Anyone wishing to speak about the item must request that it be pulled for discussion. 
  3. Within six months of submitting plans under step 2, owners must submit a New Single Family Dwelling permit application for the job site (subject to appropriate Planning, Zoning, and Building Code review). If a permit application is not received within the six-month period, a new notification period may be required.
  4. Assuming no involuntary historic designation has been received by the City and the building permit application is in order, any holds on the demolition permit by Historic Preservation Services are cleared.

Note: Demolition permits for secondary structures on properties over fifty years of age are not subject to this demolition review process, but may still need to comply with the design review provisions of Chapter 14, Article IV of Municipal Code. 

*To be considered an "Alteration," a minimum of one full exterior elevation (wall) must be retained. If proposed demolition exceeds this limitation, the project shall be considered as a full demolition, and this notification process is required. (Building Services - Chief Building Official code interpretation memo dated 4/6/2023)

Revised April 17, 2023

Website Posting Date Notification Closing Date Address Date of Construction Proposed Demolition
2/5/2021 pulled (new owner) 610 S. Loomis Ave. 1931 SF Residence (Survey)


511 N. Grant Ave. 1908 SF Residence
2/24/2021 closed 420 West St. 1952 SF Residence
3/19/2021 closed - involuntary Landmark nomination submitted - denied by City Council 12/21/2021. Check HERE for voting results. 528 W. Mountain Ave. 1885 SF Residence (Survey)
3/19/2021 closed 501 Edwards St. 1902 SF Residence
7/15/2021 closed 320 Wood St. 1964 SF Residence (no new construction proposed)
1/20/2022 closed 741 Lindenmeier Rd. 1905 (circa) SF Residence
2/24/2022 closed 323 S. Washington Ave 1925 (circa) SF Residence
7/6/2022 closed 510 Wood St. 1920 (circa) SF Residence
7/6/2022 closed 514 Wood St. 1918 (circa) SF Residence
8/30/2022 closed 1113 Mathews St. 1905 SF Residence
9/23/2022 closed 809 W. Mountain Ave. 1905 SF Residence (Survey)
9/23/2022 closed 700 E. Elizabeth St. c. 1922 SF Residence
9/28/2022 closed - Involuntary Landmark designation procedure terminated by HPC 3/22/2023 323 S. Loomis Ave. 1905 SF Residence (Survey)
10/31/2022 closed 516 N. Grant Ave. c. 1908 SF Residence
10/31/2022 closed 1110 Maple St. c. 1924 SF Residence
11/15/2022 closed 416 N. Grant Ave. c. 1908 SF Residence (Survey)
11/15/2022 closed 1318 W. Mountain Ave. 1947 SF Residence
12/1/2022 closed 416 Stover St. c. 1893 SF Residence
12/22/2022 closed 330 Scott Ave./1224 W. Magnolia St. c. 1945 Duplex
12/23/2022 closed 512 Edwards St. 1921 SF Residence
3/22/2023 closed 210 & 210 1/2 S. Grant St. 1919 SF Residences
5/3/2023 closed 127 N. Grant Ave. 1905 SF Residence
1/30/2024 closed 1011 W. Magnolia St. 1925 SF Residence
2/13/2024 closed 700 E. Elizabeth St. (re-noticing; previously noticed 9/2022) c.1922 SF Residence
4/26/2024 closed 1703 W. Mulberry St. c. 1929 SF Residence