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Historic Preservation

Friend of Preservation Awards#

Established in 1985, the Friend of Preservation awards are the highest preservation honor given by the Historic Preservation Commission. Annually, the awards are given to a person, organization, or project for exemplary work in local history, preservation, rehabilitation, restoration or reconstruction done over the past year.

The Mayor and Historic Preservation Commission Chair present the City's Friend of Preservation Awards for excellence in historic preservation before a regular City Council meeting at 300 Laporte Avenue.

2022 Honorees#

On August 17, 2022, the Fort Collins Historic Preservation Commission, with City Council, recognized the contributions of four individuals for their contributions to preservation and local history during a reception and awards ceremony. View photos and learn more about each awardee below. Congratulations, and thank you!

Friend of Preservation Awards Reception

Friend of Preservation Awards Reception

Friend of Preservation Awards Reception

Friend of Preservation Award Blocks

Mayor Jeni Arndt and HPC Chair Kurt Knierim introduced the Friend of Preservation Awards

Wayne Sundberg received a Lifetime Achievement Award

Bethany O'Brien, on behalf of the Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society, received an award for the Restoration of Car #25

John Albright's family received a Lifetime Achievement Award on his behalf, honoring his memory

Brian Carroll received an award for Accomplishments in Local History

HPC Chair Kurt Knierim spoke to the contributions of each awardee to local history and historic preservation

John Albright

Lifetime Achievement Award

This posthumous award for John Albright honors his dedication to teaching and preservation. He lived and taught with purpose, leaving a legacy not only in the preservation community in Fort Collins but also nationally and internationally.

Wayne Sundberg

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award honors Wayne Sundberg's commitment to education and local history. In addition to his written works on local history, such as his book on the Fort Collins Waterworks, Mr. Sundberg served on the Historic Preservation Commission when it was in its infancy.

Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society

Restoration of Car #25

This award is to recognize the Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society's significant efforts to restore Birney Car #25. The streetcar system is a very visible and beloved part of the Fort Collins historical landscape that brings joy to residents and visitors alike.

Brian Carroll

Accomplishments in Local History

This award recognizes Brian Carroll for his contributions to local history. Mr. Carroll has been pivotal in identifying and honoring soldiers that died at the original fort site for Fort Collins. His biography of William O. Collins has become an invaluable addition to our local history canon.

2019 Honorees#

Landmark Designation and Preservation of Historic Resources

Susan Hoskinson

The McMillen-Patterson Property

Outstanding Dedication to Preserving Historic Resources

City of Fort Collins Recreation Department

City of Fort Collins Parks Department

Ethan Cozzens

Empire Carpentry

Poudre Heritage Alliance

The Ross Proving-Up House

Exceptional Contributions to Historic Preservation

Myrne Watrous

Superior Infill Development Project

Bohemian Companies

4240 Architecture

The Elizabeth Hotel

2018 Honorees#

Outstanding Dedication to Preserving Local History

Doug Ernest

Renewing the Heart of Our Premier Historic District

Downtown Development Authority

Outstanding Rehabilitation and Adaptive Reuse of the Feeder Supply Building

Ginger & Baker

Outstanding Dedication to Preserving Local History

S.O.S. - Save Our Silos

Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation

Bud Frick

2017 Honorees#

Outstanding Rehabilitation/Adaptive Reuse

Bohemian Companies - The Music District

Outstanding Interpretation and Documentation

City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department - Great Western Sugar Company Flume and Bridge

Outstanding Dedication to Historic Preservation

Ron Sladek

Outstanding Dedication to Preserving Local History

Gordon "Hap" Hazard

2016 Honorees#


Outstanding Restoration and Rehabilitation

James MacDowell

March Olive

Outstanding Restoration and Rehabilitation

March, Olive & Pharris, LLC

Bucking Horse

Outstanding Rehabilitation of an Endangered Farmstead

Bucking Horse

Blue Ocean

Superior Infill Development Project

Blue Ocean Enterprises

2015 Honorees#


Outstanding Adaptive Reuse

Colleen Scholz


Outstanding Rehabilitation

Jim Kelly and Betsy Markey


Outstanding Dedication to Historic Preservation

Mike Gebo


Outstanding Dedication to Historic Preservation

Bellvue Historic Foundation

Past Recipients#

A list of all award recipients from 1985 to 2014.