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How Do I Research My Property?#

Connecting with your property's past can be one of the most exciting parts of owning an historic building or place. When you research your property, you can learn about the people who lived there previously, the events or trends in Fort Collins history that may have a connection to your property, and information about the design and construction of the place. 

Below are some resources to help you dive into the story of your place. 

Historic Preservation staff have developed a research guide to help you navigate all the great archival sources out there that can tell the story of your property. Whether you're preparing a City Landmark nomination for your property, or simply want to learn more about the stories that have unfolded under your roof in the past, this guide can help you track down information. From the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery's Local History Archive to online sources like the General Land Office Records, there's a lot out there if you know where to look. This guide is here to help you tell that story and track down all the interesting details that can bring those walls and windows to life. Click on the image to the left to open or download the guide. Happy researching! 

Step By Step Guide#

Step 1: Research Your Property's History

Use the Research Guide above to track down information about your property. Remember to check with Historic Preservation staff ahead of time as we may already have information compiled for your property, or helpful advice in where to start. Be sure to check out our local history projects and reports that are online, here.

Step 2: Look for the architectural type or style of your building

History Colorado, the State's primary agency for history and preservation, maintains A Field Guide to Colorado's Architecture and Engineering, which can be a helpful tool in classifying the style or type of construction your building. The style or type of architecture may have its own importance in what makes your property special. Historic Preservation staff includes professionals in building and architectural history and can be helpful in completing this step - feel free to call or email us! 

Step 3 (Optional): Submit your findings to Historic Preservation Services

The City is always trying to learn more about the community's buildings and other important places. Feel free to check with Historic Preservation staff about sending in your research to help us learn more about the places that make Fort Collins what it is today. 

Partners in Research#

Historic Preservation Services, 281 N. College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO

Local History Archive at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, 408 Mason Court, Fort Collins, CO

Poudre River Library District, 201 Peterson Street, Fort Collins, CO

CSU Library Archive, Morgan Library, Fort Collins, CO

History Colorado, 1200 Broadway Avenue, Denver, CO

Denver Public Library, 10 W 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO