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About the Committee#

Like other cities in the U.S., Fort Collins is a place where there are individuals and families experiencing homelessness; existing service providers are being strained by the extent of the need and, in some cases, are outgrowing their facilities.

In November 2019, the Fort Collins City Manager convened a temporary Homelessness Advisory Committee (HAC) of diverse members representing business owners, service providers, members of the faith community, healthcare professionals, and community members (with and without lived experience of homelessness) to develop recommendations and considerations for expanding emergency shelter capacity within Fort Collins. The committee began this work in support of our community’s goal to make homelessness rare, short-lived, and non-recurring. Meetings were open to the public to observe and were often well attended.

The HAC was formed in response to systemic pressures in the community and specifically after a site search for potential new shelter space and co-located services in 2019. Concerns were raised by some community members after a site in north Fort Collins was secured as an option. City Manager Atteberry then decided to pause the exploration process and zoom out for additional dialogue.

Homelessness Advisory Committee 1.0#

The charge of the first Homelessness Advisory Committee (HAC 1.0) was to: 

  • Understand current conditions
  • Consider response models
  • Explore opportunities / tradeoffs of a co-located model
  • Seek strategies to address and mitigate challenges
  • Determine criteria for site feasibility
  • Consider potential locations

The committee learned about the current situation facing community members experiencing homelessness through reviewing data, panel discussions with providers and responders, conversations with each other, and visiting existing shelters. They surfaced current gaps in services for different populations and trends in data. Despite being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, most committee members continued participating after a multi-month break in active meetings to assemble a final report.

The committee's Recommendations and Considerations for Homeless Shelters in Fort Collins are now available for review.

Click here to view or download the committee's final report (HAC 1.0) 

Advisory Committee Members#

Alma Vigo-Morales

Fernando Leyva

Ben Mozer

Brian Ferrans

Cheryl Zimlich

David Rout

Dean Hoag

Desiree Anthony

Jeff Swoboda

Johnny Square

Joshua Geppelt

Julie Brewen

Kristen Psaki

Laura Walker

Lily Adams

Luke McFetridge

Matt Robenalt

Michael Sinnett

Nick Verni-Lau

Yvonne Myers

Holly LeMasurier

Committee Meetings & Materials#

Homelessness Advisory Committee 2.0#

In November of 2020, a sub-group of the HAC 1.0 was convened, made up of committee members who volunteered to continue and build on the work of the first advisory committee, plus additional strategic partners.

The committee, referred to as HAC 2.0, was asked to consider key questions and deliver recommendations to the City Manager. This phase of committee work built on the findings from HAC 1.0 by starting at the major point of consensus around the need for a 24/7 shelter in our community and refining the areas that needed more deliberation and details for next steps.

The committee focused on responding to four Key Questions for Consideration:  

  1. What amenities and services should be co-located with a 24/7 shelter?
  2. Where can a new 24/7 homeless shelter be located?
    • What trade-offs will exist?
  3. How can impacts be addressed and mitigated?
    • What type of engagement is needed?
  4. What funding considerations are recommended?

Click here to view or download the committee's final report (HAC 2.0)

Haga clic aquí para ver el informe finalizado (Spanish language version)

Advisory Committee Members#

Brian Ferrans – Health District of Northern Larimer County
Cheryl Zimlich – Bohemian Foundation
David Rout – Homeward Alliance
Dean Hoag – North Fort Collins Business Association
Desiree Anthony – Fort Collins Rescue Mission
Gloria Kat – The Family Center
Joe Domko - Catholic Charities
Julie Brewen – Housing Catalyst
Laura Walker – Larimer County
Matt Robenalt – Downtown Development Authority
Seth Forwood – Fort Collins Rescue Mission

Committee Meetings & Materials#

December 18, 2020

January 22, 2021

February 5, 2021

February 26, 2021

March 12, 2021

April 9, 2021

April 23, 2021

May 7, 2021 

May 21, 2021 

July 7, 2021