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Housing Strategic Plan

Land Use Code Updates#

The City’s Land Use Code (LUC) regulates zoning, building design, and lots more. It was written in 1997 and has been updated regularly to address specific code issues, but it hasn’t really been looked at comprehensively. Fort Collins and our community priorities have grown and changed a LOT since 1997. This year, we are beginning updates to the LUC to make sure it supports our adopted goals and policies in City Plan and the Housing Strategic Plan. Before we can propose specific changes, we need to better understand what needs to change, and why.

Recorded Info Sessions#

In order to better understand the why, we've hosted four information sessions exploring housing and demographic trends, learning about "Planning 101", interviewing industry experts about housing capacity in Fort Collins, and exploring how land use regulations either create or limit housing options. If you missed these sessions and want to catch up, use the links below to watch the recordings and view the PowerPoints. 

What comes after Info Sessions? Workshops and Dialogue!#

What comes after Info Sessions? Workshops and Dialogue!

The City is partnering with the Center for Public Deliberation at CSU to host a series of three community dialogues about the LUC Phase 1 updates. These "input sessions" are intended to build on the "info sessions" to dig deeper into the issues we want to address with code changes.

Each conversation will focus on a different neighborhood type and the land use regulations that can impact housing capacity, choice, and affordability. During these events you will be able to talk with other community members about your experiences with housing and work together to discuss potential next steps for land use code updates in Fort Collins. RSVP today to join in the conversation! (Spanish interpretation provided)


Upcoming Input Sessions#

WANTED - Your best “Fort Collins” housing pictures!#

WANTED - Your best “Fort Collins” housing pictures!

Fort Collins is a unique community full of eclectic neighborhoods, diverse architecture, and historic avenues, and we need help your help documenting them!

Over the next several weeks we invite you to take pictures of the buildings and city blocks that you feel best represent the past, present and future of housing in Fort Collins. Your input will inform and help shape the Land Use Code (LUC) Phase 1 updates!

This is an easy way to participate in the LUC project – just explore, take photos, and upload them here with a few words describing the location and what about the picture said “Fort Collins” to you. Think about building sizes, types, roof shapes, front porches, landscaping, and any other features that make a place uniquely "Fort Collins." We’re looking for apartments, townhomes, duplexes, single-family homes…ALL types of housing. What will you capture?