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How to Share Your Feedback#

2023 Land Use Code Updates#

What is this project?#


The City’s Land Use Code (LUC) regulates zoning, land use, building design, and more. Fort Collins' existing Land Use Code hasn't had a major update since 1997. Just as our community has grown and needs have changed in the past 25 years, our development regulations also need to evolve. The City is currently working to revise the Land Use Code with five guiding principles from the City's Housing Strategic Plan:

  1. Increase overall housing capacity (market rate and affordable) and calibrate market-feasible incentives for deed-restricted affordable housing

  2. Enable more affordability, especially near high frequency transit and growth areas

  3. Allow for more diverse housing choices that fit in with the existing context 

  4. Make the code easier to use and understand

  5. Improve predictability of the development review process, especially for housing

In addition to the Housing Strategic Plan, three other recently-adopted plans guide the Land Use Code and overlapping goals:  City Plan (2019) | Our Climate Future Plan (2021) | Transportation Master Plan (2019) 

Where is this project at in the process now?#

A new draft of the Land Use Code will be presented to City Council on October 3, 2023. The complete list of Articles are available for download at the top of this page. Feedback may be provided during the Public Comment portion of the October 3 City Council Meeting. Visit for meeting details.

Simplified project timeline for the LUC project in 2023

Public Engagement Activities & Feedback#

Since March, City staff have conducted a variety of community conversations and public engagement events, with opportunities to connect both online and in-person. Staff spent time gathering feedback, listening to concerns, and sharing information. Engagement events included an open house, in-person and virtual public meetings, a deliberative forum in partnership with CSU, and neighborhood walking tours.

Detailed summaries and recaps of engagement events are hosted on the project's Our City page.  

Visit the Our City page

How to Stay Informed#

Check out our frequently asked questions and resource page at the link below!

Go To Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the link below to learn more about the history of the updates to the Land Use Code over the past two years.

Learn more about the LUC project history

See presentations and documents that were featured during the LDC (previously called Land Development Code) draft process at the link below.

View Draft Code

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