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2023 Land Use Code Updates#

What is this project?#


The City’s Land Use Code (LUC) regulates zoning, land use, building design, and more. Fort Collins' existing Land Use Code hasn't had a major update since 1997. Just as our community has grown and needs have changed in the past 25 years, our development regulations also need to evolve. The City is currently working to revise the Land Use Code with five guiding principles from the City's Housing Strategic Plan:

  1. Increase overall housing capacity (market rate and affordable) and calibrate market-feasible incentives for deed-restricted affordable housing

  2. Enable more affordability, especially near high frequency transit and growth areas

  3. Allow for more diverse housing choices that fit in with the existing context 

  4. Make the code easier to use and understand

  5. Improve predictability of the development review process, especially for housing

In addition to the Housing Strategic Plan, three other recently-adopted plans guide the Land Use Code and overlapping goals:  City Plan (2019) | Our Climate Future Plan (2021) | Transportation Master Plan (2019) 

Where is this project at in the process now?#

At a City Council work session on February 14th, Community Development and Neighborhood Services (CDNS) and Sustainability staff outlined potential paths forward for housing-related changes to the Land Use Code, as a replacement for the repealed Land Development Code. Staff presented the option of a four-stage process that would include various community engagement activities and revisions, using the work already completed as a base for future changes.

View 2022 Full Repealed Code

Photo of the postcard sent to residents

Did you receive a Land Use Code postcard?

More than 97,000 postcards were mailed to local residents to let them know about our upcoming engagement events. 

We're listening! Please share your views.#

City planners have organized a series of community conversations and public engagement events. There are opportunities to connect both online and in-person!  The goal of this extensive engagement effort is to understand the community's values and concerns. Over the coming months City staff will reference this feedback as they draft updated code language, with the intent of returning to Council with a new code for adoption in late summer or early fall 2023.  The timeline below shows the project phases and milestones. 

Simplified project timeline for the LUC project in 2023

Engagement Events (April-May 2023)#

Listening Session

Join us from the comfort of home for a virtual information sharing and listening session. City staff will discuss the project history and updated timeline, upcoming engagement opportunities, and take your questions.

  • April 24th, 6-7:30pm

This event has passed. Please visit our YouTube channel to view a recording of the presentation:

English | Español

A full transcript of the session Q&A can be downloaded here.

Public Forum

Are you particularly interested in housing issues and want to dig deeper into topics like density and affordability? Join fellow community members for an evening of dialogue and activities guided by student facilitators from CSU's Center for Public Deliberation.

To ensure the highest quality experience, space is limited. Please RSVP by April 24 to reserve your spot.

  • April 26, 5:30-8 p.m.

This program has passed. A summary of this engagement event will be posted here soon!

Walking Tours

Partner with City Planners to organize a walking tour in your neighborhood! We'll help you deliver a fun, hands-on exploration of how the Land Use Code is interpreted. Following the tour, you and your neighbors will have an opportunity to give a unique and in-depth type of feedback to the City.

  • Twelve tours to be offered on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays in May; see below for complete schedule and locations.

Additional walking tours may be offered at a future date. Please check back here for updates.

Information about planned walking tours will be listed below as they are confirmed.

Please note that RSVPs are required and tours are limited to 20 people maximum to ensure a safe, positive experience. If you live in the vicinity of one of the tours shown and would like to attend, please use the RSVP link provided. If a tour is full, a waitlist will be created. Please contact us if you wish to be added to the waitlist for a particular tour.  

Tour recaps will be provided as they become available.

Date Location (neighborhood/area) # registered Council District Zoning District RSVP Link (if space available) Council Member attending? 
4/29 Observatory Village 13 3 LMN Registration closed Tricia Canonico
5/5 (9 a.m.) Parkwood East 13 1 RL Registration closed Susan Gutowsky
5/5 (1 p.m.) Fox Creek 10 4 RL Registration closed Shirley Peel
5/11 (8 a.m.) Brown Farms 10 5 RL Registration closed  
5/12 (9 a.m.) University Park 20 1 NCM Registration closed Susan Gutowsky
5/12 (1 p.m.) Eastborough 10 2 RL Registration closed  
5/13 (9 a.m.) City Park 17 6 NCL Registration closed Emily Francis
5/18 (9 a.m.) Indian Hills 14 5 RL Registration closed  
5/19 (9 a.m.) Warren Shores 13 2 RL Registration closed Julie Pignataro 
5/19 (1 p.m.) Martinez Park 18 6 LMN/NCM Registration closed Emily Francis
5/20 (1 p.m.) Nelson Farms 7 2 RL Registration closed Julie Pignataro
5/26 (9 a.m.) University Acres 8 1 RL Registration closed Susan Gutowsky
5/26 (1 p.m.) P.O.E.T neighborhood 7 6 RL Registration closed  

Open House Event Materials#

Participants at he LUC Open House

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Land Use Code Open House at the Lincoln Center on May 8th! We were joined by 177 community members over the five hour event! This event included topic-specific stations for participants to visit, pose questions and share concerns, and explore how the Code is applied to different situations. To view the materials presented at each station, click on the links below. 

How to Share Your Feedback#

How to Stay Informed#

Check out our frequently asked questions and resource page at the link below!

Go To Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the link below to learn more about the history of the updates to the Land Use Code over the past two years.

Learn more about the LUC project history

See presentations and documents that were featured during the LDC (previously called Land Development Code) draft process at the link below.

View Draft Code

Find My Zoning#