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Historic Preservation

What is Survey?#

What makes an historic place "historic?" It's not just how old it is, or if someone important lived there - there's a lot of ways that a place might be historic, and it usually requires a little digging through historical records to find out.

Survey is the process of documenting and researching specific areas or places in a community to determine what is important enough to save. As part of a survey, a particular property and/or area is photographed and mapped, and its history is thoroughly researched. That research includes the relative importance of the styles or types of buildings in that area, the connections the buildings and other resources in an area have to important events or trends in history, and the importance of specific people, groups of people, or ethnic groups to Fort Collins. 

How are Survey Results Documented?#

Most survey projects result in the production of both a report and survey forms. The report documents how the surveyor completed the project (methods and techniques), the history of the area being surveyed (usually called an "historic context"), and the general recommendations about the area. A survey form includes documentation on a specific property or resource, like a building, structure, or site. Survey forms usually come in two types:

  1. Reconnaissance Level (or Recon) - these are short and fast, providing very basic information about a property but usually very little historical information beyond the year of first construction. These types of forms can also record whether a property is contributing or non-contributing to a larger historic district (in other words, that it does or does not reflect the important history or architecture of a larger historical area).
  2. Intensive Level - these are detailed forms that document as much historical information as possible on the property and fully evaluate whether it can be a City Landmark under any of the four criteria outlined in City Code. They require a significant amount of archival research about the property but are also the best to determine accurately whether a property is eligible for historic designation. 

Survey Reports#

Project Year # of Properties Source
Downtown West Area Survey 2020 176 City - Historic Survey Specialist
Mountain Avenue Downtown Survey 2020 48 City - Historic Survey Specialist
South College Avenue Corridor Survey 2019 192 City - Historic Survey Specialist
Loomis Addition Survey Report 2017 282 City - State Historic Fund Grant
Postwar E-X-P-A-N-D-S Survey (Mid-20th Century Development) 2011 100 City - State Historic Fund Grant
The Sugar Factory Neighborhoods: Buckingham, Andersonville, Alta Vista 2004 175 City - State Historic Fund Grant
In the Hallowed Halls of Learning: The History and Architecture of Poudre School District 2004 34 City - Certified Local Government Grant
Quonset Huts in the Fort Collins UGA 2003 33 City - Advance Planning Fund
Cultural Resources Inventory of the Old Fort Site 2002 35 City - Certified Local Government Grant