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Urban agriculture in Fort Collins#

n July of 2013, the City of Fort Collins began making changes to the Land Use Code and the Municipal Code that would support urban agriculture.

The adopted Land Use Code changes include:

  • Establishing an urban agriculture licensing system allowing urban agriculture in all zone districts and
  • Allowing farmers markets in more zone districts.
  • In collaboration with Colorado State University Extension, preparing an informational brochure for anyone interested in High Tunnel structures

Adopted Municipal Code changes include:

  • Scaling the number of allowable chickens based on lot size,
  • Allowing ducks to be raised,
  • Allowing two dwarf or pygmy goats per household for milk production, and
  • Updating the beekeeping ordinance to reflect current best practices.

Please note that the Larimer Humane Society administers the licensing and enforcement of animals within City limits. If you are looking for a license to raise poultry or goats, please visit their website This link opens in a new browser tab.

In March of 2014, Council adopted regulations that exempted hoop houses from building permit requirements.

  • Hoop houses are year-round growing structures that use a semi-flexible, plastic frame covered by a flexible polyethylene film without mechanical or electric utilities.
  • If a hoop house is located on a site that requires an urban agriculture license, then the location of the hoop house must be included with the license application (a separate permit is not needed).
  • If an inflexible frame is used for year-round growing and is over 120 square feet in size or 8 feet tall, then contact Building Services for a building permit.