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New Green City Codes

Effective Codes

Adopted by City Council last March, the new City of Fort Collins building code green amendments went into effective January 1, 2012. For the complete codes, visit code and standards.


The newly implemented Green Code Amendments requires a combustion safety test be performed on natural gas appliances with draft hoods. The code requirement is applicable to all single-family and multifamily projects. As part of this new requirement, the combustion safety test must be performed by an approved agent of the City of Fort Collins.

Green Code Compliance Guides

Residential Energy Compliance Guide

Commercial Energy Compliance Guide

Green Build FAQs

More Green Downloads

Construction Site Recycling Resources

Construction Waste Management Plan

Demolition Construction Waste Management Plan

Tropical Hardwoods

Low-Flow, Water-Supplied Plumbing Fixtures

Dark Sky Lighting Fixtures

Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Combustion Safety Testing Protocols (revised March 2012)

Combustion Safety Test Compliance Form

Submit one copy of the form to Building Services, leave the second copy with the homeowner.

Watch Classes On Video

Informational classes on green code topics were held in 2012. Some classes were videotaped for future reference. Please contact Building Services at 970-416-2740 for information on viewing a videotaped version of:

  • Residential Building Envelope
  • Commercial Building Commissioning
  • Residential Mechanical Systems Design
  • Commercial Building Envelope
  • Fenestration Installation

Approved Agencies

Compliance with certain aspects of the green amendments require documentation from "approved agencies." Contact Building Servicesfor more information and a listing of approved agencies. Find the new City of Fort Collins Residential Mechanical Systems Design Submittal Form below. This 4 page form is effective as of May 14, 2013, and is required for new residential construction submittals by approved agencies:

Residential Mechanical Systems Design Submittal Form

Residential New Construction Mechanical Systems Design Submittal Guide (revised)

Residential New Construction Simulated Performance Alternative Guide

Simulated Performance Alternative (SPA) Cover Sheet

Need A Green Code Refresher?

For the complete codes, visit code and standards.