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Ice Skating at City Park Sheldon Lake

Please watch and obey the posted OPEN/CLOSE sign for your safety.

If the OPEN sign is showing, please feel free to skate, but please stay within the safety barricades to ensure you are on solid ice If the sign shows CLOSED, please do not skate.

There is no charge to skate, but you will need to have your own skates (rentals are NOT available).


Update Dec 9:

*Attention Poudre Trail users* please be aware of multiple upcoming construction projects along the Poudre Trail that will impact trail users. Work is being performed to re-stabilize river banks related to flood erosion and also planned trail improvements. Work is expected along the Poudre Trail in the following locations: Between Taft Hill Road and Lee Martinez Park; The Confluence of the Poudre Trail and Spring Creek Trail;  East of College Avenue at the BNSF Railroad bridge; and Mulberry / Lemay Avenue underpass and access ramps. Work is expected to be complete at all locations by mid-July 2015. Trail detours will be posted, and updates available through the Trails web page. Trail users can also sign up on the web page to receive trail notifications through email.

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"Call of Doodie" Pet Waste Campaign

Did you know that a single ounce of pet waste is home to about 23 million unhealthy bacteria? Eww! Be a good neighbor and help keep it off streets and out of local parks, natural areas, streams, rivers and lakes. When you pick up your pet's waste, you prevent giardia, E-coli and other bacteria from reaching our waterways. Do your duty for a healthier river, parks and natural areas.

To learn more about the City's new "Call of Doodie" pet waste pick-up campaign  and other  information, go to  

How is Parks is helping to message this campaign?  You'll start to see signs posted at the dog waste stations and in the kiosks throughout the parks.  In addition, Parks is sponsoring an ad at CSU to promote the campaign...AND, best of all, if you're a responsible pet owner cleaning up after your pet and a Park Ranger see you in action you'll be receiving a card for a free ice cream cone!

Fossil Creek Stream Rehabilitation Project

Project purpose: Stabilize eroding banks, create sustainable native fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality in the stream.

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Hours to enjoy the Parks - 5:00am - 11:00pm

For Park questions or to make reservations:   Please call the Parks Department (970)221-6660 or e-mail us at   Our office is located at 413 S. Bryan Avenue, and we are open Monday thru Friday - 8:00am-5:00pm.

After hours, if there is an urgent situation needing the attention of park staff, please call our on-call at (970) 219-3450. 

For an EMERGENCY call 911

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Access Fort Collins

Receive a quick response to your question or concern by using Access Fort Collins - it's easy. You can also use it to let us know how we're doing.

Public Events Calendar

If you would like to know more about public events and races happening in the Parks, along the Trails and throughout City streets, check out the Public Events Calendar. You can subscribe to the calendar for updates and add specific events to your own calendar.


The citizens of Fort Collins have been enjoying the city park system for over 100 years. Fort Collins currently has 875 acres of developed park land including 6 community parks and 42 neighborhood/pocket parks. We also have over 35 miles of recreational trails that flow through our City.

The Park/Cemeteries Division of the Community Services, Service Unit provides maintenance and stewardship of parks, cemeteries, trails, medians and other public grounds for the Fort Collins community; and works to keep them clean, safe and in usable condition for everyone to enjoy.

ParkTent (65K) TrailBikes (71K) MedianFlowers (147K)


We care just as much about the product we deliver as the people who deliver it. Our goals are to promote professional development, safety and wellness, service to our community and a lasting legacy of stewardship and camaraderie.



Excellent care for parks and public spaces for the community.

2014 Goals
Exceptional Customer Experience - Provide excellent customer service to create an exceptional customer experience.
Environmental Sustainability - Reduce environmental impacts by managing resources through innovative and sustainable practices.
Fiscal Sustainability - Manage our fiscal resources efficiently.
Engaged Workforce - Employees are our greatest resource, foster that relationship.
Culture of Innovation - Success requires attempts.
Safety & Wellness - Provide a safe enviornment for employees and citizens.


Physical Address: 413 South Bryan Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970)221-6660
Fax: (970)221-6849