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Contact Information

  •   Dept Head: Mike Calhoon
  •   413 South Bryan Ave
    Fort Collins, CO 80521
  •   cGFya3Nob3BAZmNnb3YuY29t
  •   970.221.6660
  •   Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm M-F Closed holidays


Be A Good Steward: Protect & Respect Your Parks & Trails

Your Parks. Our Passion.

Spotlight image: Your Parks. Our Passion.

Our parks and trails help define the Fort Collins lifestyle.  Fort Collins currently has 875 acres of developed park land including 6 community parks and 42 neighborhood/pocket parks. Over 35 miles of paved trails connect our community.

We're passionate about providing you world class parks and trail. The Parks Department maintains parks, cemeteries, trails, medians and other public grounds for the community. We aim to provide you a clean, safe and attractive environment to enjoy.

Park Hours: 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Spotlight image: Park Hours: 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM

For Park questions or to make reservations: 
Please contact the Parks Department at (970)221-6660 or cGFya3Nob3BAZmNnb3YuY29t. Park offices are located at 413 S. Bryan Avenue, Office hours are Mon.-Fri., 8:00am-5:00pm.

After Hours
If you have an urgent park related situation after hours, please call call (970) 219-3450. If you have an emergency please call 911.

Jefferson Street Park to be Decommissioned on October 26

Jefferson Street Park, 210 Jefferson Street, will be decommissioned as a City of Fort Collins park on October 26. The park will no longer be maintained or managed by the City of Fort Collins Parks Department. Jefferson Street Park has been in the City’s park system since 1973 when the property was leased from Union Pacific Railroad. The location will be developed privately.

The City of Fort Collins Parks Department will remove City property from the location including: signs, benches and other items. For more information please call the Parks Department at 970.221.6660.

Various Playground Renovations

Fort Collins Parks will be performing minor renovations on various playgrounds as part of the Parks Life Cycle program.  The playground surfacing will be replaced at Rossborough, Ridgeview and Rolland Moore.  These playgrounds will go from sand to engineered wood fiber (EWF) in order to meet current American’s with Disabilities (ADA) guidelines.  Additional areas will receive more EWF as necessary.  Approximate dates of work and locations include:

10/3                       Rossborough (replaced)

10/20-21              Ridgeview (surfacing replacement)

10/24                     Spring Canyon (top off surfacing and sand)

10/26 -27             Fossil, Warren, Richard’s Lake, Buckingham & Soft Gold (top off surfacing)

10/26-28th            Rolland Moore (surfacing replacement)

11/1                       Stewart Case (surfacing replacement date is tentative)

Public Events Calendar

If you would like to know more about public events and races happening in the Parks, along the Trails and throughout City streets, check out the Public Events Calendar. You can subscribe to the calendar for updates and add specific events to your own calendar.

Access Fort Collins

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Receive a quick response to your question or concern by using Access Fort Collins - it's easy. You can also use it to let us know how we're doing.


We care just as much about the product we deliver as the people who deliver it. Our goals are to promote professional development, safety and wellness, service to our community and a lasting legacy of stewardship and camaraderie.


  • Operational Excellence
  • Excellent care for parks and public spaces for the community.


Physical Address: 413 South Bryan Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970)221-6660
Fax: (970)221-6849
Email: cGFya3Nob3BAZmNnb3YuY29t
Normal Business Hours: Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm M-F Closed Holidays

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