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Old Town & River District Undergo New Design Standards

Work is underway to develop design standards and guidelines for new development and redevelopment of existing buildings within the Old Town Historic District and the River Downtown District.  Public outreach has included an informational meeting this past October and a public workshop on November 13. Join the discussion and learn more about this project.

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This Week in Development Review

This handy, at-a-glance webpage summarizes this week's neighborhood meetings, hearings and other development review related events. Want to get this info via email? Sign-up using the orange box to your upper right. Or you can visit now.

Want to find out more about development proposals? Check out our new sortable and searchable table of development proposals under review - you can search by the sign number, keyword, street name or number, and more.

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Welcome to the Development Review Center

We are a “one-stop shop” for all of your development needs. And your one-stop point of contact will be a Project Planner. We hope this streamlines your development review which involves collaboration from many City departments and local agencies (for example, those providing telecommunications. emergency services and water). Wonder what development review is all about? Check out our new user-friendly, guide to development review; from the "sketch-on-a-napkin" start all the way to the final Certificate of Occupancy. Visit

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Citizen's Role in Development Review

We've created a new flowchart to show a citizen’s role in development review “at-a-glance” with frequently asked questions on the reverse side. We've also created a complete multi-page guide as a more thorough "how-to" resource. Please share these handy tools showing all your opportunities to offer feedback and participate in development review with your neighbors. Both the flowchart and guide can be easily downloaded at

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New Neighborhood Meeting Guide for Applicants

If you are holding a neighborhood meeting as part of your development review, this new guide will help you prepare. The guide explains everyone's roles, how the meeting is run and what the applicant needs to bring. Let us know what you think. Visit step two of our Development Review Guide.

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Applications, Plans & Labels Must be Digital

All applications and associated plans must now include digital copies on a disk or other storage device. This is in addition to the required hard copies. Affected Property Owner (APO) labels provided at the time of new application, are now required to be submitted in a Microsoft Excel format in addition to the hard copy labels.

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