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Traffic Safety in Fort Collins#

The City of Fort Collins strives to provide a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation system for people using all modes of travel.  Safety for roadway users is a top priority. Allstate Insurance Company has repeatedly named Fort Collins as one the nation’s top cities in its Best Drivers Report.

The Vision Zero Action Plan, adopted in 2023, is a comprehensive 10-year strategy aimed at eliminating traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries in the city.   

We appreciate the many residents who contribute to safe driving in the City. While the traffic safety record in Fort Collins is good compared to other communities, we still have room for improvement. We experience an average of just over 3,000 reported roadway crashes each year, 300 of which involve an injury or fatality. The personal and emotional impacts on our community—coupled with an annual economic toll exceeding $160 million due to crashes—provide plenty of reasons for Fort Collins to continue to strive to improve safety.    

Traffic Safety Summary#

The City Traffic Operations Department produces an annual Traffic Safety Summary. This summary provides a description of traffic crashes that have occurred on public streets in Fort Collins. The report is intended to be used as a benchmarking tool to track progress on efforts to reduce the number of crashes and crash severity. In addition, the document is intended to serve as a tool to help determine strategies and countermeasures to achieve crash reduction goals.

View the full 2022 Annual Roadway Safety Report (PDF)