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Social Sustainability

Transportation Equity Subcommittee#

Helping provide education and awareness around mobility needs for all ages, abilities, and incomes; identifying gaps in current transportation efforts, serving as advisory body on projects and programs (including Transportation Master Plan).

In 2018, the Transportation Subcommittee will be focusing their efforts on:

  • Enhancing equity focus for update to the Transportation Master Plan and Transfort Strategic Operating Plan
  • Developing equity-focused evaluation metrics for transportation concerns
  • Supporting geographically and demographically equitable community outreach
  • Hosting community events to strengthen education and awareness of transportation equity

Committee Members:

  • Nick Heimann, FC Moves, Co-Chair |
  • Amanda Mansfield, FC Moves, Co-Chair |
  • Janet Freeman, Social Sustainability
  • Talisa Gula-Yeast, City Clerk's Office
  • Stephanie Kopplin, Natural Areas
  • Seth Lorson, Transfort
  • Adelle McDaniel, Environmental Services
  • Robert Mosbey, Engineering
  • Martina Wilkinson, Traffic
  • Aaron Fodge, Community Member
  • Kelly Hayworth, Community Member
  • Bradyn Nicholson, Community Member