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Dept Head: Beth Sowder
2004 Affordable Housing Poster Campaign
"Can I Be Your Neighbor?"

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The Posters

Medical Poster
Firefighter Poster
Office Manager Poster
Teacher Poster

AZ Choices AZ Inc, Prescott IN Affordable Housing Corporation, Marion
AZ Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors, Scottsdale KS Tenants to Homeowners Inc, Lawrence
AZ City of Sedona MA Lexington Housing Partnership, Lexington
CA Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County, San Francisco MD City of Bowie
CA County of Sonoma, Santa Rosa MI GA Haan Development, Harbor Springs
CO Douglas County Community Development, Castle Rock MN Greater Twin Cities United Way, Minneapolis
CO Golden Urban Renewal Authority MO Missouri Deptpartment Economic Development, Jefferson City
CO Gunnison County Housing Authority, Gunnison MO FOCUS St Louis
DC Washington Area Housing Partnership, Washington DC OK Delta Community Action Foundation Inc, Lindsey
FL USDA Rural Development, Marianna RI Naragansett Housing Authority
FL Sarasota County, Sarasota TN City of Clarksville
IL Town of Normal UT HUD, Salt Lake City
IN Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority, Indianapolis WA Community Housing Coalition, Bainbridge Island
Second Poster Campaign Reaches 18 States!

In 2004, to continue efforts to put a face on local affordable housing issues, our Northern Colorado cooperative launched the "Can I Be Your Neighbor?" poster campaign. This public awareness effort builds on the 2002 "Faces and Places of Affordable Housing" campaign.

Using a series of 4 posters, and distributing to nearly 800 locations in Northern Colorado's Weld and Larimer Counties at 4 different times over a 2-year period, the posters highlight a teacher, a health care worker, a firefighter, and an administrative professional -- occupations vital to our communities and people important to all of us.

The biggest improvement to this campaign versus the one in 2002, is the ability to share it with other affordable housing advocates at virtually no cost. The artwork and royalty-free photos are packaged onto a cd in several file formats. With a simple agreement not to misuse its intent, these cds have shipped to 26 organizations (18 states) to personalize, print and distribute. We even provide all the posters in Spanish! And the requests keep coming.....

We cannot thank enough all those involved who made this campaign stretch from California to Indiana! The National and Local Boards of Realtors covered the printing costs, 4 citizens volunteered to pose for the photos, and the City's Affordable Housing staff designed and distributed.

What's New…

We're using many similar strategies in conducting this campaign. See the 2002 Faces and Places of Affordable Housing campaign for all the detailed info you'd ever want (and more). This go-round, however, we'll have Spanish-version posters to be used where they're most effective. We also dropped the contentious funding sponsorship logos and made the campaign more generic by mentioning "an informal cooperative" for sponsorship. We are grateful to City of Fort Collins staffers for production efforts, and the National Association of REALTORS and our Northern Colorado local Boards of REALTORS for providing major funding.

The most exciting news is that we used local subjects for the new posters! That means that you don't have to worry about expenses and copyrighted material in reproducing this product to meet your specific needs. Have at it! --- after you've signed our "Scout's Honor" Users Agreement. We'd like to think your cooperation protects things we value, and the intention and integrity of this public awareness tool. We also have translated the posters into Spanish.

Lastly, because we have our real jobs to do, we still won't be able to invest any time, energy, or money in doing any quantifying research regarding the communications or marketing effectiveness of this all. We'll have to stick with the continued good anecdotal feedback we've already been getting. If anybody out there's game for tackling this aspect of things, be our guest - and let us know what you find out!
Printer Specs Digital Specs (contained on the CD)
Finished Size: 11" x 17" (no bleeds) Digital Formats: fh, ai, eps, psd, and pdf
Paper: Any Standard White Gloss Coated Cardstock (10-12 pt) Photos: Duotoned eps files
Inks: Black and PMS 1355 Fonts: Americana, Verdana and Arial
How to Create Your Own Posters, including "Scout's Honor" Users Agreement

Download, read, complete and fax the Users Agreement to us. (The agreement is in MS Word.) Then we will mail you a CD containing all the digital files, even the Spanish versions. It's that simple.

To keep printing costs at a minimum, we decided to use only 2 ink colors and the same paper for all 4 posters. We also kept costs down by printing all 4 posters at the same time, so the press was only inked once.

For More Information
Please feel free to contact us with comments or questions. Please note this information was compiled in May 2004, pricing from vendors and links to outside sources are subject to change.