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Multilingual Banners#

Multilingual banners

The City’s ‘We are Fort Collins’ multilingual banners are one of many ways the City is working on our commitment to celebrate diversity and support an inclusive community, where all our residents and visitors feel valued. The banners were in response to suggestions from community members that a visual symbol of different languages spoken in Fort Collins would be one powerful way to demonstrate our diversity and foster a sense of belonging, especially for those for whom English is a second language.  

The City is working with various community partners to improve and enhance the ways we engage, provide services and develop overall best practices to be more equitable and inclusive. These banners are just one of many efforts as we work towards establishing a more comprehensive strategy and collaborations with our community. 

Making Fort Collins a place where all feel welcome, safe and valued is a group effort and work in progress. Do you have an idea to share? Let us know at

PDF of Second Edition Banners

Second Edition Banners - Side 1#

Second Edition Banners - Side 1

Korean: 저는 Fort Collins입니다.

German: Ich bin Fort Collins

Indonesian: Saya Fort Collins

Hindi: मैं फोर्ट कोलिन्स हूं



Urdu: میں  Fort Collinsہوں

Swahili: Mimi ni Fort Collins

Arapaho:  Neneeninoo Nii'eihii  3io'kut

Vietnamese: Tôi là Fort Collins

Arabic:    نحن فورت كولنز

Second Edition Banners - Side 2#

Second Edition Banners - Side 2

Tagalog: Ako ay si Fort Collins

Chinese: 我是 Fort Collins

Hebrew: אני  פורט  קולינס

Portugese: Eu sou Fort Collins



Spanish:  Soy Fort Collins

French:  Je suis Fort Collins

Russian:  Я Форт Коллинз

Ute: Nuu gat Fort Collins

Japanese: 私は Fort Collinsです