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PRIDE Employee Resource Group#

In May 2016, City staff formed an LGBTQIA+ committee—now known as the PRIDE Employee Resource Group—composed of staff and community liaisons. The goal of this team is to ensure our LGBTQIA+ community is safe, valued and affirmed within the City organization and community at large.

To that end, the team has

  • established liaisons in Police Services, Human Resources and the City Manager's Office
  • attended collaborative meetings with Poudre School District, Northern Colorado Equality, and One Colorado to help support transgender students in the school district
  • issued a proclamation for Pride Month every year since 2016
  • updated the City's purchasing policy to ensure that sexual orientation and gender identity are covered in all relevant non-discrimination clauses
  • implemented gender neutral bathroom signage for City's single-stall facilities
  • has championed the need for trans-inclusive healthcare benefits, which the City adopted in 2021.

PRIDE also works closely with the Human Rights Campaign to elevate the City's Municipal Equality Index (MEI) score, which evaluates cities on how inclusive and welcoming they are for LGBTQ+ people. Primarily due to PRIDE's efforts, the City's MEI score has risen from 83 (2018) to 100 (2021, 2022)!

Pride Month Proclamation at City Hall

City Hall illuminated during Pride Month in 2020

Executive Sponsor, Teresa Roche, with PRIDE members at 2018 Equity Celebration

2020 Pride Month Celebration: PRIDE Jeopardy

Contestants at 2020's PRIDE Jeopardy

Former co-chairs, Clint Andrews and Rachel McKinney, in Council Chambers.

PRIDE members and community members at Pride Month Proclamation

PRIDE Co-chair, Heather Cox, and City staff at 2019 Pride Celebration

Teresa Roche speaks at 2019 City staff celebration

The PRIDE team continues to focus their efforts on:

  • Gender Nondiscrimination & Identity Trainings
  • Pride Month proclamation, Transgender Awareness Month proclamation + Internal Pride and National Coming Out Day events
  • Addressing Municipal Equality Index (MEI) scorecard criteria
  • Auditing City policies for gender neutral language
  • Expanding resources and training for City staff
  • Cultivating a supportive network for LGBTQ+ staff

2021 MEI Scorecard

Team Leadership:

  • Heather Cox, Communications & Public Involvement Office, Co-Chair |
  • Teresa Roche, HR Liaison & Executive Sponsor
  • Kristy Volesky, Police Liaison

PRIDE also has a network of ambassadors across the organization supporting this work.