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Social Sustainability

Affordable Housing For Citizens

The City of Fort Collins considers the provision of housing as a basic human need, and therefore has assumed the responsibility to work towards increasing the availability of affordable housing in the community. We annually commit $1.5 to $2 million dollars to a number of programs that specifically target affordable/attainable housing.

As a private citizen you have access to these programs as shown in the table below, both to rent and to buy your own housing. As a Realtor helping these citizens, you might want to consider those programs marked with an asterisk in the table. The table contains brief descriptions. For more information, click on the program's title.

Programs For Citizens

CARE Housing Advocates for and provides affordable housing to low income working families, with supportive services to strengthen and empower families, and build community.
CDBG - Community Development Block Grant

Develops neighborhoods to improve the physical, economic and social conditions of citizens below the median income for the area.

Colorado State University Provides a liaison for on- and off-campus student housing.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service Provides first-time home buyer classes and provides housing counseling assistance through many programs like the Financial Counseling Program that helps families prevent and resolve financial problems and learn money management skills.
Fort Collins Housing Authority Secures public and private sector funds to develop, manage and administer affordable housing for low income families within the corporate limits of Fort Collins.
Habitat for Humanity Dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Families contribute toward construction.
HOME Program Provides funding to developers (both for-profit and non-profit) for the creation and rehabilitation of affordable rental housing and creation of new affordable owner-occupied housing.
Home Buyer Assistance Program Provides funds to income-eligible households for down payment and closing costs to purchase a home.
LaHIP - Larimer Home Improvement Program Does your home need repairs? If your income qualifies and you meet the guidelines, you could receive a low-interest loan from HUD.
Neighbor to Neighbor Empowers people and provides housing opportunities through education, advocacy, counseling and partnering with the community.