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Trash and Recycling Enclosures

Enclosure Design

The City of Fort Collins requires trash and recycling containers to be screened/enclosed in the following scenarios:

  • All new developments,
  • developments where a change of use is proposed and
  • developments expanding by more than 25%.

Careful consideration should be given when designing an enclosure. Properly designed enclosures are well built, aesthetically pleasing and ensure that both users and service provides are able to access and navigate them in an efficient manner. A properly designed enclosure will provide adequate space for recycling and trash services and, where applicable, may also provide space for compost, linen and waste cooking oil services and the like without impeding pedestrian or service vehicle access.   


Current Proposals

Two separate proposals are currently being considered relating to trash and recycling enclosures. The City is seeking feedback on both proposals.

Land Use Code Updates: As part of regular updates to the Land Use Code the City is proposing changes to its design standards for trash and recycling enclosures which were last updated in 2004. The updates focus on several main areas:

  • Improving functionality, accessibility and safety of enclosures for users and service providers.
  • Ensuring adequate space is provided for recycling to meet the requirements of the Community Recycling Ordinance.
  • Providing more precise guidelines for developers.
  • Adding standards for waste cooking oil storage to reduce risk of spills and contamination of the stormwater system.

Project Contact: Jonathon Nagel, am5hZ2VsQGZjZ292LmNvbQ== 970-416-2701

Screening Requirement: After receiving feedback from residents regarding exposed trash and recycling containers, the City Manager’s office has asked staff to evaluate options for reducing community impacts including a possible requirement for all businesses and multi-family complexes to enclose trash and recycling containers. Currently, only businesses and multi-family complexes developed after the adoption of the current enclosure requirements are required to do so. The proposal focuses on three main areas:

  • Reducing litter that is blown out of exposed containers.
  • Improving community appearance.
  • Reducing safety concerns by ensuring containers are not blown from their intended spot during high winds.

Project Contact: Eric Keselburg, ZWtlc2VsYnVyZ0BmY2dvdi5jb20= or 970-221-6675