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Paint, Highly Flammable or Heavy Metal Containing

Full or partially full cans of liquid paint should not be placed in the trash, and are not accepted by most trash haulers.

Enamels, varnishes, shellacs, lacquers, stains, and sealers are all oil-based paints. Latex paints are water-based paints.

One way to identify paint as latex or oil-based is by reading the cleanup instructions on the can. If water can be used for cleanup, the paint is latex paint. If solvents, such as paint thinner or mineral spirits must be used, the paint is oil-based.

Paint should not be poured down the drain, dumped on the ground, or thrown in the trash. When poured down the drain, many of the chemicals in paint will not be destroyed by wastewater treatment or septic systems. The untreated chemicals may be discharged to lakes, streams, or ground water, and contaminate these waters.

Check with local schools, churches, or performing art centers. They make take donations of neutral color latex paints for drama productions or graffiti removal.

Highly flammable paints, such as epoxy base, stains, lacquers, varnishes, or shellacs, or paints containing heavy metals, such as cadmium or lead, must be taken to the Larimer County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility.

Name/Address/Hours Comments
Larimer County Household Hazardous Waste Facility
5887 S. Taft Hill Road, Fort Collins
Phone: (970) 498-5771

On the same property as the Larimer County Landfill, located south of Fort Collins on Taft Hill Rd. (about two miles south of Harmony Rd.).  Please refer to the Larimer County Solid Waste website for hours.

Sharps must be brought in an OSHA-approved sharps container, which can be purchased from most local drug stores. Needles brought in any other containers or loose needles will not be accepted.

There is a self-serve used motor oil depository located near the Household Hazardous Waste center and is open only when the landfill is open.

Appliances containing Freon, like air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators, are charged a set fee, which includes a handling charge and Freon removal. All other appliances and large items are charged the same as regular trash.

Accepts propane tanks 30 gallon or less, helium tanks and small liquid fuel stove canisters

Also at the landfill are an e-waste recycling facility, and a recycling facility similar to the City's drop-off recycling site.