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Bricks & Pavers

Name/Address/Hours Comments
Barker Construction
142 N. Timberline Rd, Fort Collins
Phone: 970-482-9526

Accepts concrete (with or without rebar), asphalt, masonry, rock, and dirt. Fees may apply; call for details. 

862 W. Willox Ln., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-482-0358

Accepts concrete (with or without rebar and/or wire), asphalt, and masonry. Fees may apply; call for details. If delivering materials from a building demolition, please bring proof of asbestos removal. 

Also accepts bricks and pavers

City of Fort Collins Crushing Operations Facility
1380 Hoffman Mill Rd., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-482-1249

Accepts: small concrete chunks (no rebar), clean, broken or milled asphalt, bricks (NOT from structural buildings), clean fill dirt, clean pit run (clean dirt & rock mixture); ceramic sinks, toilets, urinals (remove all hardware and gasket material). Recycling of toilets is free if the seat cover and any metal or plastic parts have been removed; otherwise there is $5 fee. If you have three or more toilets to recycle, take them directly (at no charge) to this Streets facility.