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Downtown River Corridor Implementation Program (DRCIP)

bookThe emphasis of the Downtown River Corridor Implementation Program (DRCIP) is on action and implementation. This project, approved by City Council in 2000, identifies and coordinates projects and addresses issues ranging from natural areas to development. This program is also meant to resolve conflicts arising from the more than 20 plans and studies previously developed for this area.

This program does not suggest changes in City Plan or the City's Land Use Code. Instead, this program builds on existing projects and programs, especially City Plan. As spelled-out in City Plan, the visions for the downtown river corridor are of enhancement and restoration of natural river features, an extension of downtown uses and character towards the river landscape, and the integration of cultural and recreational opportunities into the area.

DRCIP consists of two distinct phases. The first phase, which was concluded with the Downtown River Corridor Implementation Program Summary Report, identified priorities, recommended next steps, and provided public outreach. The second phase consists of actual project implementation. Private and public entities are currently implementing various aspects of the Program. One of the more recent and significant efforts has been the work of UniverCity Connections and its task groups.

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