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Creating lasting value by supporting quality of life attributes that help make the Old Town Neighborhoods a great place to live.

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Online Wiki-Map

Share how you experience the Old Town Neighborhoods with the new Old Town Neighborhoods Plan Wiki-Map.

Draw frequently used travel routes, mark important locations or identify neighborhood issues. The wiki-map is a collaborative effort for neighbors to upload photos, plot methods of travel, and provide comments.

May Walking & Bicycling Tours

Beginning in mid-May, join staff for a series of walking or bicycle tours through the Old Town Neighborhoods.

The tours are an additional opportunity to demonstrate and discuss neighborhood issuse and opportunities up close while enjoying the spring weather. Find a tour date and time that works best for you on the sign-up webpage. Participants will be contacted after sign-ups close on May 1st to coordinate final tour details.


This project includes an update to both the 1986 East Side Neighborhood Plan and 1989 West Side Neighborhood Plan, referred to now as the “Old Town Neighborhoods Plan”.

The two original neighborhood plans, the first subarea plans established by the City, were developed in response to the unique issues, concerns, and pressures within the two neighborhoods in the 1980's. Two of the most prominent recommendations and implementation items from these plans led to the establishment of the neighborhood conservation zoning districts and new development regulations.

The Old Town Neighborhoods Plan area includes both the East Side and West Side neighborhoods and encompasses the majority of the Neighborhood Conservation Low-Density, Neighborhood Conservation Medium-Density, and Neighborhood Conservation Buffer Zone Districts on either side of Downtown Fort Collins. View Project Boundary.

As the East Side and West Side plans both approach 30 years in age, conditions have changed in and around the neighborhoods, and extensive new information needs to be incorporated into the plans. This project will explore current issues and conditions, clarify neighborhood visions, update the City's policy approach towards the area for the next 10-20 years, and identify needed actions to implement the updated plans.

Design guidelines

The Old Town Neighborhood Design Guidelines (1996 Eastside and Westside Neighborhoods Design Guidelines) will be updated to promote the community’s vision for the neighborhood for compatible, context specific design. It will also help to interpret the special zoning standards that apply to the area. The project will focus on historic preservation, sustainable building practices and the compatibility of new construction. The design guidelines will include in-depth research on design principles that enhance character, preservation, economics, sustainability, and context throughout the neighborhoods.

process and schedule

The Old Town Neighborhoods Plan and Design Guidelines will be developed over the course of 2015, with anticipated City Council adoption in March, 2016. Neighborhood outreach, events, and other engagement activities will occur throughout the development of the plan.


The engagement of residents, business owners, students, employees, and other community members will be essential to the success of the plan. There will be numerous opportunities to join the conversation and share your vision for the Old Town Neighborhoods Area, including listening sessions, workshops, open houses, online surveys, and other activities. If you would like to be involved, please check back often for the latest news and events, and be sure to sign up for the project email list above!


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Josh Weinberg | City Planner | 970-221-6206 |

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