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Naming "New Vine" - an arterial street in Fort Collins

Naming "New Vine"

Project Overview

There is a new, yet-to-be constructed street planned for the northeast Fort Collins. At this time, it is simply referred to as "New Vine" as it will be located parallel to existing East Vine Drive and about one-quarter mile to the north. But, this new street will need a new original name since duplicate street names are confusing and not allowed by the 911 emergency call systems.

View the location and extent of this new street.

This new street is designed to pull traffic away from the railroad tracks to help relieve congestion. It is classified on the City's Master Street Plan as an arterial roadway meaning there will be four lanes (two lanes in each direction), raised medians and left turn bays at certain intersections. Also, as you would expect, there will be on-street bike lanes, detached sidewalks and street trees in the parkway.

As an arterial street, the new name can only be selected by City Council from either an approved list or any name they may determine as appropriate. They have asked for your input. Planning Services began a citizen outreach process to come up with several options for Council consideration.


Not just any name will do -- new street names must follow these street-naming guidelines:

  • Existing Larimer County street names cannot be duplicated. Different suffixes (e.g. street or boulevard) do not make a name unique. See if your idea is already in use within Larimer County.
  • Similar-sounding street names or homonyms should be avoided (e.g. Beech Street and Beach Road).
  • Names should be easy to pronounce, using only alphabetical characters (A through Z). Numbers and special characters are not permitted.
  • The street name cannot contain any of the cardinal directions (e.g. Southwind Lane).
  • The names of prominent or notable individuals should only be done posthumously. Many notable citizens and places from Fort Collins' past are already on the City's approved street name list. View the list to see if your suggestion is already eligible for City Council consideration.


Voting has ended!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the community survey for the naming of "New Vine." Although the online survey voting has ended, please continue to share your thoughts with us at the contact information below. The results and top choices from the survey, open house, and your general feedback will be shared with City Council for their consideration at their January 20th, 2015 Meeting. Note: This item was originally-scheduled for Council's December 16th Meeting and has been moved to January 20th.


Ryan Mounce | City Planner | 970-224-6186 | cm1vdW5jZUBmY2dvdi5jb20=

Ted Shepard | Senior City Planner | 970-221-6343 | dHNoZXBhcmRAZmNnb3YuY29t