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Dollars and Cents#

North Fork of the Poudre River downstream of Halligan Reserovir

North Fork of the Poudre River downstream of Halligan Reserovir

If and when the Halligan Water Supply Project is completed, it will have taken years from the official start of permitting (2006) and environmental studies through the end of construction. This doesn’t include the previous decades of pre-permitting studies that were conducted in the 1980s and 1990s.

Fort Collins Utilities last updated the cost estimate for the Halligan Water Supply Project in 2022 upon the release of the 30% design. The project costs, based on information known at that time, were estimated at $308 million. Current information indicates costs will change and grow as the scope is refined and permitting requirements, risks and design are better understood.

Costs are predominantly influenced by factors outside of the City's control, including the permitting schedule and permitting and environmental mitigation requirements. Other unknown factors and risks that may need to be addressed in the future include:

  • Fluctuations in labor and construction rates
  • Aspects of design that are not yet complete
  • Federal, state and county permitting processes that will not be complete for several years
  • Costs of easements and other access needed for the project

The project cost does not include the cost of future operations and maintenance or long-term costs related to easements and other access needed for the project. Total project costs will continue to be refined as permitting and design progress and project uncertainties are reduced.  

Although the cost of water continues to rise in Northern Colorado, the Halligan Project remains the most cost-effective alternative to provide a safe and reliable water supply for Utilities’ existing and future customers. We will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the project at each milestone, ensuring it is the best course of action for the cost.