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Asset Management System

Definition and Principles: "Asset Management (AM) is the systematic and coordinated activities and practices of an organization to optimally and sustainably deliver on its objectives through the cost-effective lifecycle management of assets.  The infrastructure AM goal is to meet a required level of service, in the most cost-effective manner, through the management of assets for present and future customers.

AM principles include being service-focused and taking long-term, lifecycle and risk management approach to the management of assets.  AM involves knowing current performance, predicting demand, optimizing value from infrastructure resources while balancing costs, risk, quality of service and performance for present and future generations."

(International Infrastructure Financial & Management Manuals)

Total Current Replacement Value

This is the estimated current value replacement cost for all transportation infrastructure.

Overall Asset Condition Average

Percentages of asset condition will be reevaluated in 2024.

Infrastructure Funding Gap

Investment need versus available funding based on the 20-year lifecycle to maintain current levels of service. (does not include sidewalks)

PDT Asset Management Policy

The scope of this policy is to set guidelines for implementing consistent asset management processes and framework to strategically manage City of Fort Collins Planning Development and Transportation (“PDT”) infrastructure assets while delivering sustainable services, reducing risk, and providing value to our customers.

PDT Asset Management Policy

PDT Critical Asset Definitions

Within the PDT asset categories the following are defined as critical assets and may require additional operations and maintenance to ensure a safe and reliable transportation network.

PDT Critical Assets

Organizational Level Plan

(Currently Being Developed) The Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) is intended to utilize the AM Policy, align with established objectives based on the City's Strategic Plan and City Plan, and provide direction for department specific AM plans and programs of work.    

Plan to help support financial sustainability.

The bridges asset management plan is utilized as a starting point to support funding applications, review long-term financial strategies, ensure legislative requirements are being met, and document existing and proposed levels of service to delivery service objectives.

Bridges Asset Management Plan

Current State of Asset Management Program

This identifies the current state for the infrastructure assets with regards to the PDT Asset Management Program.

2024 Asset Management Roadmap

This identifies what roadmap outcomes are being developed or reviewed for the current year.

  • Green signifies the item is complete.
  • Dark blue signifies the item is currently being addressed.
  • Orange signifies priority areas.
  • No color signifies the item has not started any process.
2025 Asset Management Roadmap

This is the planned roadmap for 2025 to continue improving the PDT Asset Management Program.

2026 Asset Management Roadmap

This is the planned roadmap for 2026 to continue improving the PDT Asset Management Program.

2027 Asset Management Roadmap

This is the planned roadmap for 2027 to continue improving the PDT Asset Management Program.