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Other Engineering Services#

Technical Services#

Technical Services provides drafting support for the City's capital improvement projects, information services, and records of public improvements to the public sector and to other City departments.

The program continues to improve the ability to electronically share data with GIS (Geographical Information System). Drafting provides the subdivision base map information to GIS and electronically develops the quarter section maps.

Engineering Management And Design#

This program provides engineering design and project management services for street and bridge projects, as well as other related public improvements, such as upgrading railroad crossings and pedestrian accessibility projects. The Management and Design program also provides general engineering and project management support for other City departments.

Surveying Services#

Surveying provides preliminary surveys and construction staking for capital projects. It also provides legal land surveys for other City departments. Surveying also provides the horizontal and vertical survey control network for subdivisions and capital projects. City Surveying does NOT provide any surveys of private property.

Click here to access the City of Fort Collins GIS Online Maps Server, specifically the "ground control network." Both the horizontal and vertical networks are available within the ground control map. To access the vertical or horizontal networks, make it the active layer (select it from the "layer" tab on the right hand side and make sure this layer is visible).