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Minor Amendment – Temporary Service Level Adjustment

  • The City of Fort Collins is committed to providing an excellent customer experience in the development review process.
  • Due to current staffing limitations and fluctuations in the number of project submittals in a week, there are concerns that the quality and timeliness of project reviews may suffer during weeks with a high volume of submittals in all our development review applications, which include Conceptual Design Review, Project Development Plan, Final Plan, and Minor Amendments.
  • In order to provide thorough, on-time reviews and ensure that every project gets the attention that it deserves, the City will route all Minor Amendments one day a week for review. The two-week review period will begin on the day it is routed.
  • The City understands the need for predictable project schedules, and the Development Review Coordinators will work closely with applicant teams to provide clear and transparent communication.
  • Starting March 25, Minor Amendments will be routed on Thursday of each week:
    • Minor amendment materials must be received by 4pm on Wednesday afternoon
    • Each Thursday's routing will include Minor Amendment submittals received during the 7-day period beginning with the previous Thursday through Wednesday (the day before the weekly routing)
    • Staff Comment Letters will be sent out after the two week round of review.
  • We welcome your feedback as we implement these temporary changes and appreciate any suggestions for improving communication, transparency, or the overall customer experience.

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