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Zoning Services

What is Zoning?

What is Zoning?

Zoning is used by local governments to regulate the uses and/or development forms of land to provide property owners and the government agency with an expectation of how areas will develop and change over time. Zoning varies from community to community and is generally exercised through the approval of a guiding document by the governing body of the locality.

Check Your Permit Or Amendment Online

You can now check the status of your permit or minor amendment online.

What Regulates Zoning?

Zoning in Fort Collins is guided by City Plan, the City’s comprehensive plan (originally adopted on March 27, 1997 and updated every five years). From City Plan, the Fort Collins Land Use Code was created to establish development regulations. The regulations pertain to such things as the establishment of different zone districts, permitted uses in the various districts, signs, fences, home occupations, parking, landscaping, and general site layout and design.