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Zoning Services

How to Use the Online Zoning Map

FC Maps, the City of Fort Collins online mapping tool, enables anyone to determine the zoning designation for specific properties within city limits. It also allows you to view the zoning district regulations for the specific property (i.e. uses allowed, setbacks, lot square footage, etc) found in the Land Use Code. The instructions for using FC Maps is described below.

1. Under “Zoning Services” (at in the right-hand column, select “zoning map.”

2. Once FC Maps loads, click “I Agree” on the disclaimer window to continue.

3. To find an address, click on the "Tasks" tab then the "Search By Address" tool and follow the instructions. Please note, it is best to type in "123 W Oak St" and not "123 W Oak". The more complete the address is the more accurate the results will be.

4. If the address is found, the map will automatically highlight the parcel and zoom to it.

5. Now click the "Getting Around" tab and then the "Point Identify" tool. Now click on the highlighted feature and your zoning designation will appear on the left.

6. You’ll notice along with the property's zoning district there will be a code link. This link takes you to the section number in Article 4 of the Land Use Code setting the regulations for this particular zoning district. If you click this link the entire section will pop up in a new window. The Code lists all of the specific development standards for your zone, such as uses allowed, setbacks, height, etc. Please be advised other Land Use Code chapters and sections may be applicable to your property, meaning Article 4 may not be everything which applies to your property. For instance, Article 3 contains general standards for such things as parking, landscaping, signage, and other regulations.

7. To print from the Land Use Code, it is best to highlight the section you want to print, and then choose “selection” from your page range options in your print dialog box.

More Information

Please feel free to contact the City Zoning at 970-416-2745 if you have any questions about using this online tool or if you have other zoning questions.

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