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Work Area Traffic Control#

Work area traffic control is an essential part of roadway construction, utility work, maintenance operations and the management of traffic incidents. Traffic Operations is responsible for the approval of all work area traffic control plans. This approval process ensures when the normal function of a roadway is suspended, the traffic control plan established will provide for the continuity of movement of motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, property access, emergency vehicles, and transit usage.

Another key element of a traffic control plan is to protect the workers performing a variety of tasks within the work space. Work zones present constantly changing conditions that are unexpected by the road user. This creates an even higher degree of vulnerability for the workers and incident management responders on or near the roadway.

There is no one set of devices to satisfy all conditions for a given roadway project or incident. At the same time, defining details would be adequate to cover all applications is not practical. Each work zone depends on the type of activity, road conditions, traffic volumes, speeds, alternative routes available, and modes of travel.

Over the past few years, the number of work area traffic control plans processed varied between 1,600-3,000. It is important to remember while the work within the roadway may cause some inconvenience and delay to the public, the work is necessary to maintain or expand the roadway system and ensure the safety of the public as well as the workers within the construction area.

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