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Traffic Operations

Rear End Crashes#

Rear end crashes involve two vehicles traveling in the same direction. They occur when one vehicle stops and is struck by the following vehicle.

Read end crashes are by far the most common type of crash in Fort Collins. While the following driver is almost always at fault in a legal sense, both drivers can take steps to prevent rear-end crashes.

Diagram of rear end crash

Tips for Motorists#

  • Pay attention! Traffic can stop unpredictably at any time especially on busy streets like College Avenue, Harmony Road or Shields Street.
  • Keep a safe following distance and be prepared to stop.
  • Look as far ahead (even through the windshield of the car in front of you) as possible to anticipate stops.
  • Slow down and give yourself extra room when roads are icy.
  • Don't be a victim. Know where you are going, plan your turns in advance, use turn signals BEFORE you put on your brakes to slow down and slow down gradually when preparing to turn (don't stop suddenly if you realize you are about to miss your turn). Make your turn quickly (provided it is safe to do so watch for pedestrians) once you are at your turning location.
  • Know whats going on behind you. Keep your mirrors adjusted and use them frequently.
  • Don't encourage tailgating. Keep pace with traffic when conditions permit.
  • Change lanes to the right to let faster traffic pass.