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Traffic Operations

Pedestrian Crashes#

There were more pedestrian crashes in 2014 compared to 2011 – 2013 but less than what occurred in 2010. Both motorists and pedestrians share responsibility for preventing these crashes. 

Chart of number of pedestrian crashes per year

Common Types of Pedestrian Crashes#

Motorist Fails to Yield at Signalized Intersection#

Diagram of car failing to yield to pedestrians crossing street

Tip for Motorists:

  • Pedestrians move on the green light at the same time as motorists. Turning motorists must watch for and yield to these pedestrians.
  • Don't fixate on motor vehicle traffic. Look in the direction of your turn prior to making the turn.
  • Be responsible for your vehicle. You can cause serious harm to others if you drive irresponsibly.

Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Don't trust the traffic signal lights. Look for turning traffic before proceeding and be alert for turning drivers who may not see you.
  • Make eye contact with motorists make sure they see you before you proceed.
  • Cross cautiously. Don't put yourself at risk solely because you have the right of way. Remember that regardless of who is right you will be the one who is injured.
  • Stay alert the entire time you are crossing.

Pedestrian Fails to Yield at Uncontrolled Location#

Diagram of pedestrian walking into traffic at uncontrolled location

Tip for Motorists:

  • Be aware that pedestrians may cross anywhere. Always be alert for the possibility of the presence of pedestrians

Tips for Pedestrians:

  • These types of crashes account for nearly 70% of severe injury/fatal pedestrian crashes in Fort Collins. Nearly all of the severe injury/fatal crashes of this type occurred at night.
  • Don't overestimate your visibility at night. Watch a quick video demonstration or read a detailed discussion of this problem.
  • Don't cross streets at arbitrary locations especially at night. Use signalized crossings whenever possible.
  • Even moderate amounts of alcohol can impair perception, attention and motor skills which can increase crash risk for pedestrians.