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Traffic Operations

Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)#

The Advanced Traffic Management System is the traffic signal control system used by Traffic Operations to monitor traffic and control the traffic signals in Fort Collins. Utilizing wireless communication and over 33 miles of fiber optic technology, the ATMS connects over 175 traffic signals, 42 closed-circuit television cameras and remote data sensors throughout the City, allowing traffic engineers to effectively manage and analyze real-time traffic conditions.

The ATMS is housed at the City’s Traffic Operations Center (TOC) at 626 Linden Street.  From this location, traffic engineers can monitor the transportation system, modify signal timings and troubleshoot many signal malfunctions.

Tours of the Traffic Operations Center are available upon request.  Please contact us at or by phone at 970-221-6630 to arrange a tour.

Corsim Example

Woman sitting at desk using Advanced Traffic Management System