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Traffic Operations

Bicycle Crashes#

The number of bicycle crashes has remained relatively steady in Fort Collins over the past four years.

Graph of the number of bicycle crashes per year

Most Bicycle Crashes Occur at Intersections

Right Turning Motorist vs. Bicyclist Riding Against Traffic#

Diagram of vehicle turning right and colliding with bike

Tip for Motorists: Always check to the right even when turning right.

Tips for Bicyclists:

  • Don't ride against traffic
  • Avoid riding on the sidewalk - if you must ride on the sidewalk slow to walking speed to cross intersections, driveways, alleys etc.
  • Obey the rules of the road

Overtaking Turn or Right Hook#

Diagram of vehicle turning right and colliding with bike in bike lane next to it

Tip for Motorists:

  • Right turns should be made from a position as far to the right as possible. It is legal (and correct) to enter a bike lane when making a right turn provided you first yield to any bicyclists using the lane.
  • Prepare for your turn in advance. Check for bicyclists ahead of you and behind you as you approach to ensure it is safe to move over to the right. Use your turn signal to indicate your intent to turn.

Tips for Bicyclists:

  • Don't pull up to the right of a motorist that is giving clear intent to turn right (signaling, slowing etc.)
  • Understand the law and know that right turning motorists may use the bike lane. Wait behind right turning traffic or, if there is adequate room and you are proceeding straight, pass to the left of the right turning traffic.

Approach Turn#

Diagram of vehicle turning left and bicycle colliding while coming from the opposite direction

Tip for Motorists:

  • Know the rules of the road. Left turning traffic must yield to all other traffic including bicyclists.
  • See bicyclists. In a roadway environment, many motorists are conditioned to watch only for other motor vehicles and completely miss bicyclists and even motorcyclists. Watch a fun demo of this 'conditioned' issue.

Tips for Bicyclists:

  • Don't follow too closely to other vehicles while going through an intersection. Opposing left turning motorists may not be able to see you.
  • Use lights at night and other methods to enhance your visibility to motorists. Don't take visibility for granted.