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Streets deteriorate as they age, much like the roof and paint on your home. The City of Fort Collins' Street Maintenance Program (SMP) is a comprehensive, systematic way for the City to evaluate its street system and follow through with long-term, cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation.

Street Maintenance 2011 (PDF)

2011 Preliminary Street Maintenance Program - Streets

2011 Preliminary Street Maintenance Program - Map


Project Specific Notices (PDF)

Timbercreek Crack Sealing - January 24, 2011

Impact of Measure 2B

With the passage of tax measure 2B, 33% of the additional funding has been allocated to the Street Maintenance Program. Many of the projects you encounter in coming months will be pavement repair or reconstruction efforts, and, though it may not seem so at first, this is great news for Fort Collins. The SMP has a list of roadways that have been long scheduled for maintenance, but the program lacked funding to complete the work. Excitement is high to begin these overdue projects so that benefits of the 2B investment can be realized by the entire community.