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Branch Removal Project

City Branch Clean-Up Effort Complete

City of Fort Collins clean-up efforts organized in response to widespread tree damage caused by heavy, wet snowfall in October are officially complete. The City of Fort Collins offered residents assistance with clean-up by providing both curbside branch pick-up and a recycling drop-off location. The City of Fort Collins assisted residents by hauling over 6,000 truck loads of branches, equaling more than 59,000 cubic yards of debris. In addition, the Citys temporary branch recycling drop-off location accepted over 21,000 cubic yards of debris hauled in by residents.

Yard Waste Code Enforcement Resumes

Residents that missed the opportunity to utilize the Citys clean-up support are now asked to dispose of storm debris independently. There are several locations that will accept branches for a fee:

Code Compliance inspectors have already started sending notices to residents that have placed branches in traffic lanes or on sidewalks. Beginning December 12, inspectors will also send notices to residents that put branches in the street. Later in December, inspectors will begin sending notices to residents that still have branches on their property.

For more information about Code Compliance, please visit

Neighbors Needing Assistance

Any residents who need assistance in moving tree branches, or who would like to volunteer to help those residents, can call 2-1-1. United Way 2-1-1 Larimer County is coordinating efforts to link neighbors in need with willing volunteers. The City is also encouraging individuals with equipment, tools, or just an extra set of hands to assist neighbors in cleaning up their private property.

Please work together with your neighbors to take care of trees and limbs that have landed on neighboring properties. There is no City Ordinance regulating required action of tree owners in these cases.

How the City Conducted Branch Clean-Up

The City offered residents two no cost options to deal with fallen branches and limbs after the storm:
1) Curbside pick up - COMPLETE
2) Recycling drop off - CLOSED

Curbside Pick Up

The city was divided into four zones, and each zone had a scheduled pick-up week: Blue Zone October 31, Green Zone November 7, Yellow Zone November 14 and Pink Zone November 21. Crews only made one pass per zone to pick-up debris. This map determined when crews served each neighborhood for branch pick-up. (PDF)

It was essential that residents had all branches in place before 7:00 a.m. on the Monday of the week that work in their zone was scheduled to begin. Crews moved throughout each zone during its scheduled week, so residents were warned that their branches could be picked-up on any day within the week.

Recycling Drop Off

To assist residents that wanted to haul their branches, the City converted its Crushing Operations Center into a temporary branch recycling drop-off location for four weeks after the storm. On November 23, the City's Crushing Operations Center returned to normal operations, which include recycling and selling aggregate materials, namely asphalt and concrete. The center also accepts toilets and disposals for recycling.

All branches residents hauled to the Crushing Operations Center will be mulched; this mulch will be available to the community for free in the spring.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Streets Department at 970-221-6615.