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Approved Street Trees#

The following list has been compiled by City Forestry to help property owners, developers and landscapers select trees that are suitable for Fort Collins. These trees have been selected based on their adaptability to our soil conditions and climate variability. Trees selected for planting as public street trees should be from the list below or approved by the City Forester. 

Shade trees should be placed 30-40 ft apart and planted in the center of the parkway strip. Ornamental trees are only permitted as street trees when space is limited. Please contact the City Forester for approval of ornamental trees and shade trees not listed.

For additional information on tree species, please refer to the Front Range Tree Recommendation List.

Botanic Name/Common Name Moisture Requirements Avg Height X Canopy Spread at Maturity Cultivars Features
Catalpa speciosa                
Northern catalpa                                    
Low-medium 50 x 30   Large, white flowers in May-June, long seed pods, tolerant of heat
and alkaline soil, moderate salt tolerance
Celtis occidentalis
Northern hackberry
Medium 45 x 35   Withstands alkaline soil and salt, has grayish corky bark,
nipple-gall and anthracnose can be an issue in the front range
Gleditsia triacanthos inermis
Low-medium 40 x 30 Shademaster, Skyline, Imperial Well-adapted to a range of urban conditions , susceptible to cankers
and root rot, reaching maximum species percentage in Fort Collins
Gymnocladus dioica
Kentucky coffeetree
Low-medium 60 x 40 Espresso, JC McDaniel, Stately Manor, Decaf Tolerant of poor soil conditions, pollution and salt,
 relatively pest and disease free, may be slow to establish
Quercus buckleyi
Texas red oak
Low-medium 35 x 35   Closely related to shumard oaks, has good fall colors,
tolerates clay, alkaline soil and heat, grows well in full sun 
Quercus macrocarpa
Bur oak
Low-medium 70 x 60 Bulletproof, Cobblestone, Urban Pinnacle Long-lived, adapted to a variety of soil and moisture conditions, 
full sun is ideal, acorns have fringed caps, can be difficult to transplant 
Quercus muehlenbergii
Chinkapin oak
Low-medium 50 x 50 Red Autumn  Requires full sun, pyramidal shape when young,
round in form at maturity, tolerates clay, alkaline soil
Quercus shumardii
Shumard oak
Low-medium 60 x 40 Fort Collins Select, Osage county Has crimson-red fall foliage, western seed stock is
better adapted to Colorado
Tilia americana
American linden
Medium 35 x 25 Boulevard, Frontyard, Legend,
Sentry, Redmond
Produces pale yellow flowers that attract bees in the spring, yellow-orange fall color,
can grow in high pH soils and in full or partial sun, not suitable along
streets treated with deicing salts, susceptible to Japanese beetles
Tilia cordata
Littleleaf linden
Medium 40 x 30 Chancellor, Dropmore, Greenspire,
Norlin, Olympic, Prestige, Shamrock 
Requires full or partial sun, leaves are much smaller than American lindens,
not suitable along streets treated with deicing salts, more tolerant of air pollutants than
American lindens, susceptible to Japanese beetles
Tilia x flavescens
Glenleven linden
Medium 45 x 25   A relatively fast growing species with more open form 
Ulmus spp. Low-medium 60 x 45 Accolade, New Horizon, David Thin and waxy leaves, needs structural pruning,
has shown good resistance to Dutch elm disease, elm leaf beetle and leaf miners, 
Aesculus glabra
Ohio buckeye
Medium 30 x 30 Autumn Splendor Dense canopy, produces greenish-yellow flowers, shade tolerant, prone to sunscorch
Aesculus hippocastanum
Common horsechestnut
Medium 60 x 50 Autumn Splendor, Ruby Red Showy white and red flowers, prefers well-drained soil, tolerant of high pH 
Acer grandidentatum                           
Bigtooth maple
Low-medium 20 x 30 Manzano Variability in fall color, no notable pests or diseases

Corylus colurna
Turkish filbert
Low 45 x 30   Thrives in cold winters and hot summers, can tolerate a range of pH, requires full sun
Acer saccharum
Sugar maple
Medium-high 60 x 40 Caddo, Green Mountain, Legacy, Fall Fiesta Shade tolerant, can grow in different pH levels, poor salt tolerance, susceptible to
leaf scorch and verticillium wilt, requires wider parkways
Ginkgo biloba
Low-medium 50 x 35 Autumn Gold, Presidential, Sentry Only male trees should be planted, relatively pest and disease free, can be slow growing,
adapted to a range of pH, pollutants, salt and heat, bright yellow foliage in the fall
Platanus acerifolia
Low-medium 80 x 65 Bloodgood, Exclamation  A hybrid of the American sycamore and the Oriental planetree, mottled olive
and brown bark, well-adapted to a range of pH, light availability and pollution levels 
Styphnolobium japonicum
Japanese pagodatree
Medium 50 x 50    Native to China and Korea, tolerant of air pollution and heat and drought when established,
produces fragrant, white flowers and bean-like pods
Syringa reticulata
Japanese tree lilac 
Medium 20 x 15 Ivory Silk Has an oval crown, produces white creamy white flowers that attract pollinators