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Ceramics MUST have all hardware removed (toilet seats, metal hardware, plastics, etc.) to be recycled at the specified locations.

Name/Address/Hours Comments
City of Fort Collins Crushing Operations Facility
1380 Hoffman Mill Rd., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-482-1249

Accepts: small concrete chunks (no rebar), clean, broken or milled asphalt, bricks (NOT from structural buildings), clean fill dirt, clean pit run (clean dirt & rock mixture); ceramic sinks, toilets, urinals (remove all hardware and gasket material). Recycling of toilets is free if the seat cover and any metal or plastic parts have been removed; otherwise there is $5 fee. If you have three or more toilets to recycle, take them directly (at no charge) to this Streets facility.

    City of Fort Collins: Timberline Recycling Center - Hard to Recycle Materials Yard
    1903 S. Timberline Road, Fort Collins
    Phone: 970-221-6600

    The Hard to Recycle Materials Yard is co-located at the Timberline Recycling Drop-Off Center.

    For a $5 facility use fee (additional fees apply for certain materials, see website for more details) the hard to recycle materials yard will accept the following materials:

    • Paint: (No entry fee when ONLY dropping off paint) Oil-based paint & enamel, Latex paint (interior/exterior architectural paints), Various other coverings (deck coating, varnish, floor paint, primer, sealer, stains)
    • Used Motor Oil
    • Antifreeze
    • Batteries
    • Cooking Oil: 25 gallon per visit limit
    • Electronic Waste: Additional fees apply
    • Scrap Metal: Includes non-refrigeration types of appliances
    • Aggregates: Concrete/Asphalt (no rebar); broken ceramic dishes; toilets and porcelain (non-metal) sinks. Must remove all hardware and seats
    • Organic Debris: Additional fees apply
    • Unpainted, untreated lumber including pallets:  additional fees apply (No plywood or composite boards)
    City of Loveland Recycling Center
    400 N Wilson Ave., Loveland
    Phone: 970-962-2529

    The Loveland Recycling Center accepts a wide variety of materials, including #1-#7 plastic tubs, waste cooking oil, scrap metals, and other hard to recycle items including hard backed books, porcelain toilets and sinks (remove all hardware). Fort Collins residents should expect to pay a fee to drop off yard and wood waste. Electronics (TVs, computers, monitors, etc.) require a small fee. Batteries are free.

    Loveland residents must present a current yard debris permit to drop off yard/wood debris.  To obtain a permit, call the Solid Waste Division at 970-962-2529 or stop by the office at 105 W. Fifth St.