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Scrap Metal

Scrap metal items can be recycled at the drop-off locations listed below.

An item must be at least 50% metal to be recycled as scrap metal. This includes a wide variety of items, including water heaters, lawnmowers, wire, satellite dishes, metal shelves and bicycles. Most any item with a motor or power cord has enough metal in it to be recycled as scrap metal. If an item has a circuit board, it must be recycled with electronics.

Scrap metal items that contain liquid, like lawnmowers, must be emptied before recycling. Fees may apply to items that contain Freon or other CFCs (freezers, air conditioners etc.).

Pressurized containers such as propane containers cannot be recycled as scrap metal, and should be specially recycled. See how to recycle propane containers here.

The only metals that can be included in curbside recycling are aluminum and steel cans and aluminum foil. Other scrap metal items should never be included in curbside recycling, as they can damage recycling equipment at the sorting facility.

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Automotive Battery

Automotive batteries can be recycled at many auto repair shops or at the following drop-off locations.

They contain lead which can be harmful to human health and the environment if not disposed of properly.

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Antifreeze can be disposed of at the following locations. Many local mechanics also take antifreeze for recycling – contact shops for details.

Antifreeze can be harmful to human and animal health and the environment. DO NOT pour antifreeze down your sink or toilet and NEVER pour antifreeze into the storm sewer or in your street. Transport antifreeze in a sealed plastic jug.

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Motor Oil

Used motor oil is accepted at most auto parts stores. Contact specific store for details. It can also be recycled at one of the drop-off locations listed below.

Motor oil should be free of contaminants (gasoline, antifreeze, paint thinner, solvents, dirt, leaves, water, etc.) and placed in a clean, container with a tight-fitting cap (such as a one-gallon plastic milk jug) before recycling.

Used motor oil bottles and other plastic containers that hold motor oil should be thrown away. They cannot be recycled.

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Auto Part (Car Part)

Many automotive parts can be recycled as scrap metal. Contact drop-off locations to find out if a specific part is accepted.

Automotive tires and batteries SHOULD NOT be placed in the trash or recycling. 

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The information provided in this tool is compiled as a service to Fort Collins Residents. Contact information has been provided for the listed locations, and it is encouraged that you call ahead to verify the location, materials accepted, and hours of operation. Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement by the City of Fort Collins.

Any recycler wishing to be added to this list may contact If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please call us at 970-221-6600