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Nature in the City Granting Opportunities#

Nature in the City helps fund community-driven projects that increase the quality and accessibility of natural spaces for both people and wildlife, as well as inspire stewardship. The two types of grant funding opportunities are: 

Dream it Up: Planning grants can help groups form win-win partnerships, discover and overcome early challenges, and gain input and buy-in from the community the project will serve. Additionally, planning grants improve the quality of projects and the ease of implementation. An expected outcome might be a professional, community-approved landscape plan for your dream project. Dream it Up grants were funded in 2021 and will be again in 2023. 

Make it Happen: Implementation grants help fund the installation of community projects that bring more wildlife habitat and access to nature into our community. Implementation grants can be small projects for natural spaces that need improved habitat or larger projects that create neighborhood buy-in, inspire stewardship, as well as provide habitat and access to nature. Make it Happen grants were funded in 2022 and will be again in 2024 for ready to install projects.   

Get inspired and see what types of projects have been funded in the past, check out the Community Projects page or take a self-guided tour!

Dream it Up: Planning Grant Applications Closed#

Grant application closed Oct 21, 2022. Awardees will be notified directly by email by Dec 20, 2022. Funds will be available after paperwork is completed by March 2023.

Resources for applying in the future#

Review all the resources available to help you get ready for applying for Nature in the City funds. We recommend you start with

More resources include:

Frequently Asked Questions#

Who Should Apply?
  • Home Owner Associations 
  • Faith-based organizations 
  • Businesses
  • Non-profits 
  • Affordable housing communities
  • Mobile-home communities 
  • Schools
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Committed community members with creative project ideas 
What Types of Projects Qualify?

Nature in the City can fund a wide variety of on the ground projects. Get creative with it! Some ideas include:  

  • Native-habitat gardens 
  • Nature play areas 
  • Outdoor classrooms/gathering spaces 
  • Mini habitat/pollinator restorations 
  • Turf conversions to native habitat
  • Habitat enhancements to your existing green space
  • Your unique ideas!  

Check out some of the past projects here!

What is Eligible for Funding?
  • Projects within the Fort Collins growth management area 
  • Hiring a landscape company to install the project (implementation phase)
  • Hiring a landscape designer to plan the project (planning phase)
  • Up to 15% of your grant funds can go towards staff and outreach costs, collectively
  • Completing a minor amendment through the City's Zoning Department for your project (planning or implementation phase)
What is NOT Eligible for Funding?
  • Individual homeowner projects. Those are now funded through XIP (Xeric Incentive Program, see Native Bonus Rebate)
  • Programs and activities (e.g. environmental education, clean up days, research)  
  • Project maintenance
  • Projects outside of the City of Fort Collins growth management area 
  • Non-native landscapes
What Materials Do I Need When Applying?
  • Completed application
  • A project team (including landowner)
  • Budget worksheet
  • Site photos
  • Landscape plan
  • Landowner permission

Have More Questions?#

You can email us directly at any time: