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Nature in the City

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Nature in the City Grants

Nature in the City Grants

Nature in the City helps to fund projects that will bring natural spaces into your neighborhood and community. In early 2020 Nature in the City received 41 project proposals, representing more than $450,000 worth of project ideas! Eighteen projects are moving forward with $145,117 worth of funding towards improving urban habitat for birds and pollinators, as well as increasing access to nature for Fort Collins residents.

The projects range from DIY front yard conversions to installing large pollinator gardens to creating bioswales for water filtration. The grant program empowers residents to plan and implement projects that improve access to nature, increase landscape diversity, and help connect wildlife habitat throughout the city. Projects are spread across the City and will demonstrate a variety of ways to weave nature into the fabric of the urban landscape.

Stay tuned for future funding opportunities by signing up for Natural Areas eNews in the upper sidebar to the right.To prepare for possible future grant opportunity, you can review the application questions and the guide to submitting an application from the 2020 funding cycle.

To get inspired, examples of past projects will be updated throughout the year here