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Nature in the City Dream it Up: Planning Grants

Nature in the City Dream it Up: Planning Grants

Nature in the City would like to help you and your community create more access to nature and improve wildlife habitat throughout Fort Collins. Up to $5,000 can be awarded to support your local community’s planning project.  

Dream it Up: Planning grants can help groups form win-win partnerships, discover and overcome early challenges, and gain input and buy-in from the community it will serve. Additionally planning grants improve the quality of projects and the ease of implementation. An expected outcome might be a professional, community-approved landscape plan for your dream project.  

Timeline for applications:

  • Applications are open Sept 15, 2020  
  • Applications are due before 11:59 pm Nov 2, 2020 
  • Announce awardees by Dec 15, 2020  

To Apply

  1. Review the FAQ's below. 
  2. Review the Grant Submission Guide - it contains links to necessary information including the application questions to view ahead of time.
  3. Apply through the ZoomGrants portal where you will need to set up an account.

Apply for a Dream it Up: Planning Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Apply?
  • Home Owner Associations 
  • Schools 
  • Faith-based organizations 
  • Businesses
  • Non-profits 
  • Mobile-home communities 
  • Committed community members with creative project ideas 
What Types of Projects Qualify?

Nature in the City can fund a wide variety of projects. Get creative with it! Some ideas include:  

  • Native-habitat gardens 
  • Turf conversions 
  • Nature play areas 
  • Outdoor classrooms/gathering spaces 
  • Mini habitat/pollinator restorations 
  • Your unique ideas!  

Check out some of the past projects here!

What is Eligible for Funding?
  • Projects within the Fort Collins growth management area 
  • Landscape designer to create plans 
  • Limited outreach supplies (e.g. snacks, maps, flip charts and pens for brainstorming meetings) 
  • Feasibility study (i.e. a process that explores the options and costs) 
  • Completing a minor amendment through the City's Zoning Department for your project (planning or implementation phase)
What is NOT Eligible for Funding?
  • Individual homeowner projects. Those are now funded through XIP 
  • Programs and activities (e.g. environmental education, clean up days, vegetation maintenance)  
  • Project team’s work time 
  • Projects outside of the City of Fort Collins growth management area 
What Materials Do I Need When Applying?
  • Completed application on the ZoomGrant Platform 
  • A project team 
  • Budget for this planning phase of your project 
  • Site map
  • Sketched out ideas and concepts (view example here)
  • Site photos 

Have More Questions?

Watch the recorded virtual Q&A session from September 30th here

You can also email us at any time: