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Voter Approved Taxes

Community Capital Improvement Program#

In April 2015, the voters of Fort Collins passed a 10-year quarter-cent tax renewal dedicated to community improvements. Visit the corresponding links to each of the 17 capital improvement projects for more information.

Project status key:
Completed - project is finished
Ongoing - annual funds, street improvements
In progress - main construction completed, in O&M phase
Scheduled - not yet initiated

Affordable Housing#

$4mOngoing - 2016-2025

Development and rehabilitation costs for public and private housing projects specifically for low-income individuals and families

Visit Social Sustainability's website

Arterial Intersection Improvements#

$6mOngoing - 2016-2025

Updates to major arterial intersections to improve safety and reduce congestion. Updates include:

  • Completed Vine and Shields Intersection project
  • Completed Horsetooth and College Intersection project
  • Upcoming College and Trilby Intersection project

Visit Engineering's website

Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements#

$5m Ongoing - 2016-2025

To align with the City’s 2014 Bicycle Master Plan, these projects will include infrastructure improvements in order to enhance safety, provide wayfinding, and improve comfort and access for bicyclists. Updates include:

  • Completed Mulberry protected bike lane
  • Completed Laporte and Loomis intersection crossing
  • Upcoming Elizabeth/Ponderosa and Columbia/Lemay crossings

Visit FC Moves' website

Bike/Pedestrian Grade Separated Crossing Fund#

$6mOngoing - 2016, 2019, 2023-2024

Construction of top priority grade-separated bicycle and pedestrian crossings across arterial roadways. Updates include:

  • Upcoming Power Trail over Harmony Road
  • Upcoming Siphon overpass south of Harmony Road
  • Upcoming Timberline underpass north of Zephyr Road

Visit FC Moves' website

Bus Stop Improvements - ADA Upgrades#

$1mOngoing - 2016-2025

Part of the Safe Routes to Everywhere program, this project will provide an annual fund to align with ADA accessibility and improve bus stops throughout the City.

Carnegie Building Renovation#

$1.7mScheduled - 2024

Renovation of the historic 1904 Carnegie library building to enhance its use as a community center in hosting special events, community meetings, art exhibits, and symposiums in the heart of Downtown

Visit Cultural Services' website

City Park Train#

$350k - Delayed - 2016

Bringing back the City Park Train in a new and expanded location in City Park

Visit Park Planning's website

Club Tico Renovation#

$250kCompleted - 2016

Renovation of Club Tico at City Park to add restrooms and a second story deck overlooking Sheldon Lake and City Park Pool

Visit Recreation's website

Gardens on Spring Creek Visitor's Center Expansion#

$2m - Completed - 2019

Doubling the square footage of the Visitor’s Center to add a new entryway with gift shop, a conservatory, meeting rooms, a small café, and additional office space

Visit The Gardens on Spring Creek's website

Lincoln Avenue Bridge#


Funding to design and construct right-of-way improvements to the west segment of Lincoln Avenue, including the Poudre River Bridge

Visit Engineering's website

Linden Street Renovation#

$3m - In progress - 2020

Funding final design, construction, and right-of-way acquisition for renovation of the downtown 200 block of Linden Street.  Due to COVID-19 this project is being phased.

Visit Linden Street's website

Nature in the City#

$3mOngoing - 2016-2025

Funding to support projects that connect people and wildlife to high-quality habitat and a diversity of experiences in nearby nature

Visit Nature in the City's website

Pedestrian Sidewalk/ADA Compliance#

$14mOngoing - 2016-2025

Funding to implement a 52-year compliance program, eliminating gaps in the City’s pedestrian network, and improving ADA compliance. 

  • Completed widened sidewalks on Drake
  • Completed new sidewalks on South Timberline and Harmony
  • Upcoming widened sidewalks on East Prospect

Visit Engineering's website

Poudre River Whitewater Park#

$4m - Completed - 2019

This new whitewater park will include viewing/picnic areas and a pedestrian bridge over the river, in addition to lowering the river channel to improve flood mitigation.

Visit Park Planning's website

Southeast Community Center with Outdoor Pool#

$14m - Scheduled - 2023

Construction of a Community Center in southeast Fort Collins including a large outdoor leisure pools, water slides, sprays and jets, decks, a lazy river, and open swimming area

Visit Recreation's website

Transfort Bus Fleet Replacement#

Go to:

$2mOngoing - 2018, 2022, 2025

Replacement of heavy duty buses over the next 10 years; funds will be leveraged to receive an 80% match of federal and state grant funding

Visit Transfort's website

Willow Street Improvements#

$3.07m - Completed

Design and construction of improvements to Willow Street between College Avenue and Linden Street

Visit Engineering's website