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Nature in the City Resources#

Looking for information on how to add nature into your space? Check out our resources below to inspire you and help you get started! 

Native Plants#

Pink penstemon flowers.

Nature in the City encourages the use of plants native to Colorado in order to provide the best local wildlife habitat. A 2017 study found that at least 75% native plant cover is needed for successful bird breeding! Not sure how to garden with natives? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Here are some resources to help you out: 

The City of Fort Collins Recommended Plant List - a searchable database of all plants recommended for the Fort Collins area 

Low Water Native Plants - Front Range and Foothills (Colorado Native Plant Society) 

Nature in the City's Maintenance Tips  

Critical Native Plant Species List for Larimer County Pollinators


Pelican landing in water.

Learn how to make your space better for wildlife and get certified!  

Audubon Rockies Habitat Heroes: 

National Wildlife Federation:

Volunteer Biodiversity Survey#

Blue jay with a twig in its beak.

The Nature in the City Biodiversity Project is a community science program to monitor birds and butterflies around Fort Collins. The goal is to collect long-term ecological data that will help support the Nature in the City Strategic Plan to maintain "a connected open space network accessible to the entire community that provides a variety of experiences and functional habitat for people, plants, and wildlife." Trainings are in May of every year. 

Community Science 2021 Results

Learn more about the Biodiversity Project

Design and Installation#

View the Fort Collins Design Guide to begin learning how to diversify your urban landscape. The full guide provides inspiration and information to build your dream landscape.

CSU Extension’s “Basics of Landscape Design” Webinar -

Find resources on irrigation, hardscape design and more on our partner’s website: Xeriscape Incentive Program  

Convert your Lawn#

Blue grama grass field.

Convert your lawn to native plants to reduce water use and improve habitat. 

Lawn removal methods  (City of Fort Collins Utilities)

Native lawn fact sheet   (CSU Extension)

Webinar from CSU Extension “Native Lawn of Your Dreams”:

Other Programs in Fort Collins#

Garden in a box concept image.

Xeriscape Incentive Program: Rebate program for conversion of high-water need landscapes to low-water need landscapes. 

Garden in a Box: Look for the Naturally Native or Colorado Oasis Box for pre-selected native plants and a design that can be installed in your space right away. 

Community Canopy Project: Look to sign up this fall to purchase a tree at reduced cost. 

Free mulch: The Forestry Department offers free mulch at pick up locations around town. 

Water-Wise Landscape Rebates: Many different rebates are offered for upgrading your irrigation system to more water efficient appliances. 

All these programs and more are summarized in this handy flyer: City Resources for Waterwise Landscaping

Fun and Interesting Webinar Recordings#

Taxiles skipper.

Edible Native Plants:

Where do the Insects Go for Winter?:

Colorado Butterflies:

Find more on CSU Extension’s CO-Horts Page:

Case Studies#

Learn how other communities are approaching nature in their cities.

Appendix B1 of the Nature in the City Strategic Plan discusses how other cities and projects around the world are working to solve similar issues in creative and innovative ways.

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