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Historic Preservation

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Which review process(es) do I need to complete?

The historic review processes are designed to help prevent the loss of Fort Collins' significant historic resources and to help preserve our city's special character. The review also provides an opportunity for citizens to comment on change in their community and for owners to learn about the substantial financial incentives available for eligible historic resources.

Landmark Design Review

Is your property a designated Landmark or within a District? Check the Fort Collins Landmark list and District maps. If your property is listed, contact staff to complete the Landmark Design Review process. Also, check out these financial incentives!

Demolition/Alteration Review

Proposing exterior work? Is your property 50 years old or older? Check the Fort Collins Landmark list and District maps. If your property is not listed, check your property's age. If you are proposing exterior work (also includes windows and doors) and your property is not listed and 50 years old or older, contact staff to complete the Demolition/Alteration Review process.

Development Review

Proposing new construction near a historic or older building? Contact staff to complete the Development Review process if your proposal is adjacent to a Landmark or District, or within a District. Check the Fort Collins Landmark list and District maps.