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Which review process(es) do I need to complete?#

The historic review processes are designed to help prevent the loss of Fort Collins' significant historic resources and to help preserve our city's special character. The review also provides an opportunity for citizens to comment on change in their community and for owners to learn about the substantial financial incentives available for eligible historic resources. Under the Fort Collins Land Use Code, there are different review processes depending on what type of project is being completed, and what types of historic (or potentially historic) resources it may affect. 

Is your property a designated historic resource? Check the Fort Collins Historic Resource Database or check out this map to find out. If your property is a City Landmark, in a City Landmark District, or listed in the State or National Registers of Historic Places, contact staff at to complete the Landmark Design Review process for exterior changes (including siding and windows) under Chapter 14 of the Fort Collins Municipal Code. Also, check out these financial incentives that could help you get money for your project.

Doing exterior work on a property that is not a single-family residence? Check the Fort Collins Historic Resource Database to confirm whether your property is a designated resource. If your property is not listed and is not a single family residence (i.e., your property is commercial, office, multi-family, etc.), your work will still be reviewed under Land Use Code Article 5 Division 5, Historic (p. 5-53, PDF p. 57). Please contact preservation staff at for information on how to get your review started.

Please note that due to amendments to the Fort Collins Land Use Code passed in 2019, the Historic Preservation Division no longer reviews permits on single-family properties that are older than fifty years of age unless they are a designated historic resource (local, state, or federal). 

Proposing new construction near a historic or older building? Contact staff to complete the Development Review process. New developments that are in or near areas that are Fort Collins Landmarks, eligible to be Fort Collins landmarks, or are within/adjacent to Fort Collins Landmark Districts are subject to review under Land Use Code Article 5 Division 5, Historic (p. 5-53, PDF p. 57).