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Historic Preservation

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Policy and Guidelines for Historic Preservation

Land Use Code 3.4.7 - Historical & Cultural Resources

Establishes procedural and substantive rules for obtaining the necessary approval to develop land and construct buildings and structures.

Land Use Code 3.5.1 - Building & Project Compatibility

Section 3.5.1 of the Land Use Code ensures that:

  • historic sites, structures or objects are preserved and incorporated into the proposed development and any undertaking that may potentially alter the characteristics of the historic property is done in a way that does not adversely affect the integrity of the historic resource; and
  • new construction is designed to respect the historic character of the site and any historic properties in the surrounding neighborhood. This Section is intended to protect designated or eligible historic structures and structures in designated historic districts, whether on or adjacent to the project site.

Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC)

The Landmark Preservation Commission members are knowledgeable in the practice of preserving our community's historic resources including sites, buildings, structures, objects and districts. Their primary functions are the local landmark designation of historic buildings and the review and approval of plans for exterior changes to these structures.

Municipal Code - Chapter 14

This Municipal Code establishes procedural and substantive rules for governing the historic resources of the City of Fort Collins. In Chapter 14 you will find:

  • The procedure for demolishing and/or altering a building over 50 years of age in Fort Collins.
  • The procedure for designating a building in the City of Fort Collins.

Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation

The Secretary of the Interior Standards were developed to help protect our nation's irreplaceable cultural resources by promoting consistent preservation practices. The City of Fort Collins uses the Secretary of Interior Standards as criteria for review of Fort Collins Landmarks.

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties are common sense principles in non-technical language and are used by many communities across the nation as objective criteria to base preservation decisions upon.