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Historic Preservation

What's the Latest on Fort Collins Landmarks?#

Snapshots and Surveys#

Snapshots and Surveys

Historic Preservation Services is currently contacting landmark property owners to provide you with information about the benefits and services we offer. The Preservation team is also taking updated photographs of all designated historic properties to update our records. (Not sure if your house is “historic?” Find out here!) We are giving each landmark property owner a packet of information about financial incentives and about their specific building’s history and architecture.

Financial incentives and services available to Fort Collins’s designated historic properties include Colorado State Tax Credits for Preservation, Fort Collins’s Landmark Rehab Zero-Percent Interest Loan Program, the Design Assistance Program, and free professional advice. There are additional incentives available for commercial or non-profit companies including State Historical Fund Grants, Historic Structure Assessment Grants, Colorado Historical Foundation Loan, and Federal Tax Credits for Historic Preservation. Find out more about financial incentives for historic properties.

We want to make sure all historic property owners have the same opportunity to take advantage of the financial benefits and services we offer! Please take a moment to fill out our brief survey to update your contact information. Thank you!