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Green Building For Builders#

Homeowners are increasingly weighing comfort, air quality, and efficiency as higher priorities in purchasing a home. Done effectively, green building can add value to your home and increase energy performance while contributing environmental stewardship.

Want to learn more about designing and building best practices? The Green Built Environment Program provides technical resources, case studies and a lecture series on a variety of green topics.

The Benefits of Green Home Building

Best Practices#

City staff have found the websites below to be useful for understanding and implementing best practices. Please also check back in the future as we will continue to add more resources for your use.

Case Studies#

Do you own or are you building a green residential project and want to participate as a case study? Let us know. Case studies allow builders and owners to share lessons learned and increase the visibility of their project while demonstrating sustainability and management leadership. Case studies must be pursuing a known green certification such as LEED, Living Building Challenge, or WELL Building. Contact the Green Building Program for more information.

Links to Code#

Green building is construction that exceeds code. Codes set the minimum acceptable standard for construction in Fort Collins. For information on codes, inspections, and contractor licensing, please see the Building Services page.