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Our Gardens

18 Acres of Colorado Botanical Beauty#

The Gardens on Spring Creek is the botanical garden of Fort Collins, Colorado, located on the Spring Creek corridor.  Our cultural facility enriches the lives of people and fosters environmental stewardship through horticulture.  Our carefully-curated gardens provide an escape for healing, rest and retreat and a place to experience nature and beauty.

Children's garden

Children's Garden



community gardens

Community Gardens



Foothills Garden



Edible Garden

Garden of Eatin'



Great Lawn community gathering space and pavilion for summer concerts

Great Lawn and Everitt Pavilion



Prairie garden

Prairie Garden



Rock Garden



sustainable backyard

Sustainable Backyard



Specialty gardens including rose, butterfly/hummingbird, moon, fragrance, and Plant Select

Theme Gardens



Undaunted garden

Undaunted Garden



Wetlands demo site




xeric strip

Xeric Strip



Garden Explorer Plant Database#

Garden Explorer Plant Database

The Garden Explorer enables you to access our living herbaceous and woody plant collections. This database is accessible from most PCs, smartphones and tablets with internet access. Our database currently contains 109 plant families, 450 genera, 2680 species and 1800 images. Annual flowers and vegetables are not accessioned and thus are not searchable in this database.

Use the Search attribute if you would like to see specific plants in The Gardens but don’t know their locations.  Four search-trait functions allow to you explore the plant collection on up to four levels simultaneously. Spelling is important when using scientific, trademark or common plant names. Results from a successful plant search will be displayed in a list. Click on any result to view plant location and accession number. Most search results include photos and other botanical and garden-use facts.

Use the Map attribute to zoom-in on a specific garden location (shown as an orange circle) in the Gardens. Click on that orange circle to populate a list of the plants in that area. Use the Names attribute to view plants alphabetically by scientific genus. The Features attribute to see a map of The Gardens that reveals location of memorial benches and current art sculptures.

Our Garden Explorer